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The Art and Science of the Turnaround Schedule

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There is great demand to find industry practitioners who know the industry.  Here’s your chance to learn how to approach a turnaround schedule, or to tune-up your current process.

You are invited to listen to a unique, two-session webinar on best practices for owners, contractors and schedulers in preparing and executing the Turnaround Project.  Presented by Jack Pernice and Gordon Aronson, who have 75-plus years combined experience in the construction management, scheduling and plant turnaround industry, these twin events will walk you through a soup-to-nuts coverage of what a turnaround schedule is, what needs to go into the planning process and then the actual scheduling and execution process.

Jack and Gordon will use a workshop approach to provide an in-depth look at how to prepare a workable turnaround schedule that reduces risks of expensive delays and overruns.  This workshop is not just for schedulers -- owners and contractors will come away with a better understanding of the process itself as well as their roles in planning and implementation.owners, contractors, subcontractors, manufacturers, suppliers and other professionals who want to gain a better understanding of contractual terms and conditions.  Negotiate in your favor to minimize your liability and risk and keep you out of court!


Session 1: Turnaround Scheduling — Overview and Preparation


    • Differences between Project Scheduling & Turnaround Scheduling 
      o Scope, workflow and shifts
    • Definition and set-up of the Turnaround Phases 
      o Preparation activities 
      o Turnaround activities 
      o Post-turnaround activities
    • Preparation and Pre-Work activities in detail 


Session 2: The Turnaround and Post-Turnaround Phases

    • The Turnaround Phase 
      o Activities within the Turnaround Phase 
      o How to determine level of detail 
      o Project management and construction management tasks 
      o Identifying the level of risk 
      o Contingency planning 
      o The Turnaround Critical Path 
      o Resource loading 
      o Post-Turnaround Work Scheduling
    • Templates and lessons-learned for the next turnaround


Your Presenters:

Gordon Aronson 
Gordon Aronson is a registered Professional Engineer and has been involved in the engineering/construction industry more than 40 years. He has been responsible for all levels of engineering and construction project management on various projects around the world ranging from $300M in 1975 dollars to under $4M. Gordon is president of Vision Consultants, Inc., an Arizona-based consulting firm providing a wide range of Oracle|Primavera services and construction claims management services. Gordon is an Oracle|Primavera solutions provider and certified trainer, a long-time construction industry arbitrator/mediator and provides complete Oracle|Primavera installation, implementation and training Services. Gordon is also a regular contributor on Oracle|Primavera and scheduling topics in the Construction Project Controls & BIM Report. of Construction Industry Arbitrators

Jack J. Pernice  
Jack J. Pernice, PMP, is a managing partner in Lightspeed Consulting, LLC. He has been involved with the construction and operations of nuclear power stations for more than 30 years. His nuclear experience includes the scheduling of construction for power plants as well as online and outage related work at operating nuclear power plants. Mr. Pernice has also worked at Department of Energy facilities. He has used many scheduling programs on nuclear power plants including but not limited to PREMIS, Artemis Project View, Primavera P3.1 and Primavera for the Enterprise (P5 and P6). Mr. Pernice has an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration.

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