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No one starts a project thinking a delay claim will be part of the construction process, but unplanned events and unforeseen conditions happen which impact and threaten the project’s completion.  When that situation does arise, you want to be prepared to timely address and resolve these issues.  This webinar series is designed to provide practical guidelines and best practice approaches to prepare for and execute the preparation, review and resolution of construction delay claims when they do occur. 
  • May 2 - Keeping Time: Improving Your Project Planning and Scheduling Practice
  • May 30 - Sweat the Small Stuff: The Indispensable Advantage of Effective Project Documentation
  • June 20 - Are We Late? Oh, It’s Over Already? Which Delay Claim Methodology Should I Use?
  • July 11 - More Effective Delay Claim Preparation and Analysis
  • August 1 - Sailing on the Hudson in Your Eichleay While Avoiding Liquidated Damage: Determining Delay Related Damages

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