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Architectural Copyrights and Professional Responsibility in the Era of CAD and BIM (David Roberts)

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Watch this training webinar to learn:


  • How technology has driven copyright law - and how it protects those who design and create.
  • Who owns copyrights in the design of buildings and in the technical drawings used to build them.
  • How project control may depend on the control of copyrights.
  • What costs can accompany improper use of designs, drawings, and other project information - and who pays them.
  • What is protected by copyrights - in the context of building design and construction
  • Professional design responsibility in the era of CAD and BIM - i.e., why an understanding of copyright scope and ownership is essential to each member of the building team.
  • Exploring potential reasons for a dramatic 25 year trend in increase copyright litigation.
  • And, much more!


Who Will Benefit?

This training webinar is a must for: project owners, architects, engineers, and other designers, contractors, construction managers, and others involved in the arena of construction project delivery.  Purchase now to gain a better understanding of architectural copyrights and professional responsibilities in the digital age.


Your Presenter:


David A. Roberts
Roberts Construction Law, LLC

David A. Roberts concentrates his practice in construction law and copyright law in the context of design, engineering, and construction. David practiced architecture more than 17 years before beginning his legal career ¿ and, for six of those years, was also a member of the faculty of a school of architecture at a major university.

He was a founding partner of an award-winning Atlanta architectural firm specializing in corporate projects and projects for local government, schools, and universities. He has served as a construction dispute mediator. His view of the law and service to legal clients is inseparable from his years of practical experience in the construction industry. His work presently involves a wide range of construction matters: the drafting of construction and design contracts, litigation of architectural copyright matters, litigation of delay and construction defects claims and claims involving government contracts, participation in mediation and arbitration, and claims involving design and construction liens. David is a frequent lecturer on these subjects, and his articles have been published nationally. He has contributed chapters on owner modifications to standard form design agreements in a widely recognized book on the subject.

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