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Industry Experts Present Best Practices in Productivity Improvement & Management in Lost Productivity Claims

Construction Lost Productivity Claims &
Cumulative Impact Best Practices - 
Three Must-Have Expert Webinars

Construction Industry Experts Provide Latest Developments in
Identification, Measurement and Pricing of Lost Productivity Claims

A WPL Exclusive On-Demand Series


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Series Overview

Lost Productivity Claims: Identification and Measurement

How to Identify and Quantify the Effects of Cumulative Impact

Pricing, Preparation, Support and Analysis of Lost Productivity Claims

Here's What Past Attendees Had to Say:

Very well organized and to the point. Great examples were included.


I liked the overview with reference to the detailed charts.




Webinar was excellent. Informative, useful information, and great presentation as to the strengths of each method of claim.


A very practical approach to understanding loss of productivity concepts for Contractors and Subcontractors.


Expert Presenters

Dr. William Ibbs

University of California Berkeley

Paul Stynchcomb

Ibbs Consulting

Don Harrington

Sage Consulting

Rex Snyder

Sage Consulting

Brent McSwain

Sage Consulting

More and more construction claims are including a loss-of-productivity component these days. But too often the claimed amount is not properly substantiated or presented. This webinar series will help you understand what makes for a good lost productivity claim, its strengths and weaknesses, and pricing considerations.  Owners will gain more insight into lost productivity issues to better assess the validity of the various cost elements.

To help you identify, quantify, document, measure and price a lost productivity claim, we have assembled three on-demand webinars from recognized experts, including construction productivity professor William Ibbs, pricing experts from Sage Consulting, and construction claims expert Paul Stynchcomb.

Lost Productivity Claims: Identification, Measurement and Recovery

Listen in on Dr. Ibbs and Paul Synchcomb as they dive into lost productivity claims identification and measurement. Learn different ways to measure productivity, how to use performance ratios, trending and forecasting. Loss of productivity is often the reason for other claim elements, such as delay, disruption, acceleration and extended overhead. Understanding the loss-of-productivity claim's strengths and weaknesses will help you evaluate other types of claims as well.

Learn the latest technical and legal concepts associated with loss of productivity, as well as how to:

  • Understand what productivity is
  • Identify how productivity should be measured
  • Review guidelines, methods, and tools commonly used to measure loss of productivity
  • Determine when loss-of-productivity claims can be asserted
  • Become familiar with recent developments in how courts and boards have treated loss-of-productivity claims
  • Evaluate what types of documentation should be assembled and developed in anticipation of a claim
  • Learn what contractual provisions can be used to present and support loss-of-productivity claims, and which can be used to rebut them
  • And much, much more!


Your instructors: Dr. William Ibbs, Professor, University of California Berkeley, Ibbs Consulting Group; and Paul Stynchcomb, CCM, PSP, CFCC, Ibbs Consulting Group
Click here to learn more about Dr. William Ibbs & Paul Stynchcomb.

How to Identify and Quantify the Effects of Cumulative Impact

This information-packed program will help you learn the definition of cumulative impact, how to identify its presence on a project and how to quantify cumulative impact's effects on labor productivity. Included in this presentation is a discussion of case law on the subject of cumulative impact, examples of how to utilize the Ibbs Study, as published in the Mechanical Contractors Association of America, Inc.'s management manual, how to quantify the effects of cumulative impact on a construction project and a general discussion of construction labor loss of productivity.

This session will help you:

  • Understand the subject of Cumulative Impact and why it's important
  • Become familiar with change and its impact on productivity
  • Review loss of productivity: cost and schedule consequences
  • Learn how to quantify loss of productivity with the latest, proven techniques:
    • MCAA factors
    • Ibbs curves
    • Measured mile concepts
  • And much, much more!

Your instructors: Dr. William Ibbs & Paul Stynchcomb, Ibbs Consulting Group
Click here to learn more about Dr. William Ibbs & Paul Stynchcomb.

Pricing, Preparation, Support and Analysis of Lost Productivity Claims

Learn best practices for preparation, support and pricing of any given claim or change order.

In any change order or claim, there are numerous elements of direct costs of doing the extra work, the indirect and overhead costs of the work, and possibly delay and impact costs related to the changes or delays that were incurred.

The consultant team of Don Harrington, Brent McSwain and Rex Snyder of Sage Consulting Group discuss in great detail the various types of costs that may be allowable for any given claim or change order, and what’s involved in the proper preparation, pricing and support of a request for equitable adjustment (REA). This program reviews a large range of pricing issues, including:

  • Actual cost
  • Total cost
  • Modified total cost
  • Measured mile
  • Earned value

Learn which of the accepted methods of calculating lost labor productivity are appropriate in different situations, as well as how to calculate other types of costs, including:

  • Extended field and home-office overhead
  • Labor and equipment escalation costs
  • Overtime
  • Acceleration costs

This impressive panel of experienced professionals presents time-tested tips on pricing, presenting, and defending against claims for loss of productivity.

Your instructors: Don Harrington, Brent McSwain & Rex Snyder
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