The Essential Course on Successful Management of Construction Claims and Change Orders (Book and DVD)

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- 16 sessions' recordings with PPT slides for each session
- 1 copy Construction Contract Claims, Changes & Dispute Resolution, 3rd Edition - 500-page hard cover book ($100.00 value) with free shipping within USA (a $100 value)

Put Your Project and Your Staff Ahead of the Curve for
Successful Project Completion with this Best-in-the-Industry Construction Claims Training Tool
Now Available on DVD and USB-Drive.* 

The Essential Course on Successful Management of Construction Claims and Change Orders includes 16 90-minute sessions presented by 30 of the construction industry's leading attorneys, consultants and practitioners and covers everything from identification, anticipation and prep work for prevention to pricing and negotiation of construction claims. The course goes into detail on CPM schedules, loss of productivity, differing site conditions, delays and much more to give you and your team the most comprehensive overview of construction claims' processes.

Plus, included with this information-packed online training program is a FREE hard-cover copy of Construction Contract Claims, Changes & Dispute Resolution - 3rd Edition published by ASCE Press. Each chapter is authored by one or more construction experts and/or attorneys; these very same authors present their respective chapters of the training series.

Here is What Participants Have Said:

We are finding the trainings very useful, so thank you for all of the effort that it takes to make them happen.

Anonymous Participant
San Diego, CA

Very good — excellent knowledgeable speakers that spoke very well.

Anonymous Participant
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Good content. By its nature it covers a lot of information.

Anonymous Participant
Tallahassee, FL


If you are a Construction Owner, A/E, Contractor, Construction Manager, Contract Administrator or Owner Representative, you should watch this information-packed training program to help you perform your job better and:

  • Understand how to identify changes and the importance of notification and documentation 
  • Learn the intricacies of contract interpretation, differing site conditions and impacts on unchanged work
  • Gain an understanding of what causes delay, disruption and impact - what's compensable and what's not
  • Know the fine line between mitigation and compensable acceleration - mitigation of delays is essential
  • Find out how to uncover the root causes of lost productivity and show entitlement and quantification
  • Uncover best practices for pricing claims
  • Learn essential claims presentation and defense techniques, and the importance of the negotiation process
  • Evaluate your options when agreements cannot be reached
  • Identify termination, bonds and liens and insurance and their roles in the claims process
  • Understand the claims and change order process on design-build, GMP and IPD and how they differ from typical design-bid-build

Each session is an individual 90-minute recording that can be accessed at your convenience. It includes the complete Q&A session, so you won't miss any valuable information and will be able to gain a better understanding of what's happening in the industry. It also comes complete with its own set of the PowerPoint slides, so it's easier to follow the instructors and have groups of people watching together. Click here to download the complete brochure for more detail.

Who Will Benefit?
Both owners and contractors are still getting into knots in their approach to managing and controlling claims. Conflicting interests, schedule and budget constraints, the urgency of dealing with day-to-day issues and the varying levels of experience of the project staff leave open many opportunities for adversarial relationships of the contracting parties. This recorded webinar series is a must if you're a contractor, public or private owner, subcontractor, construction manager, owner's representative, architect or other design professional managing projects or providing contract oversight services.

Order this exclusive training tool today, so your staff can glean valuable insights from the experts presenting this comprehensive series to avoid costly mistakes, raise expertise and help them learn new ways to avoid and manage claims. The claims reference book and newsletter will serve as valuable references when new issues arise and to bring new court outcomes that may affect your project.

PDUs/PDHs - Education Credits: Certificates of completion are available for use in obtaining education credits.

This presentation was very well structured, the hypothetical example helped get into perspective the context of the message. Webinar speakers organized very well their time and exposition content, sending a clear message.

Olga Maria Lugo

Agenda at a Glance

Session 1

Identification and Notification of Construction Claims — Keys to Success

 Learn best practices for overcoming the first obstacles to successful recovery

Session 2

Contract Interpretation: Insight to the Myriad of Causes of Conflict Arising from the Drawings & Specifications

 Interpretation of requirements & specifications

Session 3

Project Delays and Time Extensions

 Learn strategies for dealing with construction project delays and time extension requests

Session 4

Acceleration and Mitigation of Project Delays: Analysis, Costs and Owner/Contractor Responsibilities

 Learn analysis, costs and owner/contractor responsibilities in mitigation of delays

Session 5

CPM Schedule Review and Analysis: The Method of Choice to Support Delays and Time Extensions

 Learn about the use of project schedules and critical path method in claims

Session 6

Documentation: Best Practices for Identification and Support of Claims

 Learn best practices for records and requests paperwork including structure, content and type to avoid and minimize claims

Session 7

Differing Site Conditions: The Big Game of Shifting Risk

 Learn best practices for proceeding work under differing site conditions to avoid claims and costly disputes

Session 8

Pricing: Putting the Dollars on the Damages

 Learn best practices for preparation, support and pricing of any given claim or change order

Session 9

Subcontractors and Suppliers: Special Issues and Concerns

 Learn best practices for dealing with risk-shifting provisions & other concerns related to contractors and subcontractors

Session 10

Lost Productivity Claims: Identification, Measurement and Recovery

 Learn the impact that labor productivity has on claims and change orders

Session 11

Negotiation of Construction Claims and Change Orders

 Learn to properly prepare for and achieve successful negotiations

Session 12

Alternate Dispute Resolution: Your Key to Staying Out of Court

 Disputes avoidance and resolution are best ways for staying out of court

Session 13

Termination of Contracts and Subcontracts

 Learn termination best practices and various considerations before making a decision to terminate as well as other factors to stay out of court

Session 14

Alternate Project Delivery Claims for Design-Build, GMP and Other Delivery Methods

 Learn best practices for dealing with claims for design-build, GMP and other delivery methods

Session 15

Bonds and Liens: Protect and Collect

 Learn best practices for collecting payments and avoiding unnecessary losses with bonds and liens

Session 16

Insurance Issues: Construction Claims of a Different Nature

 Learn best practices and factors to consider for cost or loss recovery through an insurance claim

* Your laptop or tablet doesn't have a DVD player? No worries - the program is available on a USB drive upon request. 

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