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COBIE: Streamlining Construction Handover to Deliver Maintainable Buildings

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COBIE: Streamlining Construction Handover to Deliver Maintainable Buildings

Presented by William "Bill" East, PhD, PE, F.ASCE
Owner, Prairie Sky Consulting

The Construction Operations Building Information Exchange (COBIE) is an emerging worldwide standard for capturing equipment lists, data sheets, warranties, spare parts list and preventive maintenance schedules. Within the United States COBIE is now included in government and private construction contracts. While the immediate benefit of COBIE allows owners to begin efficiently operating their facilities at Beneficial Occupancy, the ultimate benefit of COBIE is that contractors can eliminate the paper-case and job-crawl currently required when creating construction handover documents.


In this recorded program by the inventor of COBIE, Bill East, you will learn how to unlock the data in current document-based submittals.


This information-packed, 90-minute recorded session will help you:

  • Understand what COBIE specifications mean to your business
  • Discover the relationship between COBIE and BIM
  • Identify COBIE training resources and COBIE-compliant software
  • Find free resources for COBIE Quality Control
  • Discover opportunities for value-added services based on COBIE
  • And much, much more!

After 35 years as a serial innovator within the Corps of Engineers, Bill founded Prairie Sky Consulting to help companies make sense of the transformation of their businesses from documents to data. The key is that this transformation is not about technology. The transformation begins by recognizing that information is a valuable construction resource.


Whether you're an owner, designer, contractor, construction manager or facility manager, this webinar will provide you and your team with a wealth of field-proven practices that will help you take your BIM participation to the next level.


Meet Your Expert Presenter:

William "Bill" East, PhD, PE, F.ASCE
Prairie Sky Consulting

E. William (Bill) East is an internationally known construction management researcher whose career spans the areas of planning and scheduling, quality management, and building information modeling. East started with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in the construction trailer and District. While there he created the first minicomputer construction management suite for Area Engineers.

East's aptitude for computers lead to his move to the Construction Engineering Research Lab. East's first innovation at the lab was the Corps’ Standard Data Exchange Format (SDEF). This format has been getting Corps’ contractors paid every month of every job for over 20 years. He also developed parametric planning and automated schedule analysis tools, and provided related consulting services on Corps’ and Army projects.

East’s Design Review and Checking System (DrChecks) streamlined design quality management for public project stakeholders at the federal, state, and local levels. When last checked, DrChecks, now part of the ProjNet™ suite, was being used by over 120,000 users worldwide.

Most recently, East invented the Construction-Operations Building information exchange (COBie)—an international standard that squeezes profits from an otherwise wasteful construction handover process. East currently is Owner, Prairie Sky Consulting where he helps owners and contractors specify and meet COBie requirements.

East is a former American Society of Civil Engineer, Government Civil Engineer of the Year and has received numerous other awards from organizations such as the National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS), FIATECH, and the Construction Specification Institute. East has also been recognized for innovation and technology transfer by the Federal Laboratory Consortium, Department of Defense, the Corps of Engineers, and Government Executive Magazine.

East has degrees in Civil Engineering from Virginia Tech (B.S.) and the University of Illinois (M.S. and Ph.D.). East's research identified new resource scheduling concepts for facility managers. East is a registered Professional Engineer in the state of Virginia and is a Fellow of American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).

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