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AIA Insurance Forms Update: Owner/Contractor & General Conditions

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AIA Insurance Forms Update: Owner/Contractor & General Conditions
Presented by:
Patrick O’Connor
Faegre Baker Daniels, LLP

Earlier this year, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) issued new documents replacing the 2007 Owner/Contractor and General Conditions documents. These documents are by far the most widely utilized standard form construction agreements in the United States. Perhaps the most significant change between 2007 and 2017 has to do with how the AIA contract documents address the subject of insurance. In 2007, the parties set forth coverage limits in the Owner/Contractor agreement form.


Beyond insurance limits, all the particulars were set forth in Article 11 of the General Conditions. This format has changed substantially for 2017 with the introduction of an Insurance Exhibit. The Insurance Exhibit requires the parties to make more decisions with respect to insurance matters. It also affords them greater flexibility to address their project’s insurance needs.


This recorded webinar will provide you with a thorough understanding of the insurance requirements set forth in the 2017 AIA contract documents. After attending this program, you will have a firm grasp on the information necessary to complete the Insurance Exhibit based upon your project’s specific insurance needs. In particular, this program will:


  • Provide you with the information necessary to complete the new Insurance Exhibit
  • Allow you to understand and make decisions with respect to the numerous optional coverages available in the new Exhibit
  • Walk you through the numerous instances where you can customize coverage requirements
  • Identify the mandatory decisions the parties must make with respect to insurance
  • Explain the interplay between the insurance provisions remaining in Article 11 of the General Conditions and those set forth in the new Insurance Exhibit
  • Learn how the Exhibit and the General Conditions document address additional insured coverage issues
  • Address what’s new in the way of property insurance requirements
  • Cover what’s new in the way of liability, including excess liability, insurance requirements
  • And much, much more!
Who Will Benefit?

This webinar is a must if you’re a public or private owner, construction manager, contractor, subcontractor, architect or engineer.

This event features key insights from our knowledgeable construction experts:

Pat O'Connor is the co-author of the 12-volume construction law treatise entitled Bruner & O'Connor on Construction Law, published by Thomson Reuters. He has advised and represented numerous clients in contract negotiations involving power plants, waste water treatment facilities, waste incineration facilities and other heavy industrial and large commercial plants. He has also represented sureties in connection with performance and payment bond claims, including takeover agreements and financing arrangements as well as subrogation and indemnification matters.

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