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BIM Technologies A-Z; Working with Data for the Non-BIM Participants

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BIM Technologies A-Z; Working with Data for the Non-BIM Participants

Presented by John Jurewicz

So exactly what technologies should the various participants in the construction effort be using? An owner or architect could start with something as simple as Google earth and sketch up to plan the location of a structure. The commencement of a BIM model might start with a software such as Autocad's Revit or Bentley's. Along the way, different parties will want to access the data in the BIM model for estimating, coordination, engineering calculations, fabrication, scheduling, and finally, facilities management. So what technologies should be used by whom? In this session, construction technology pioneer John Jurewicz runs down the various tools and discusses who might use what, and the various complexities that one might plan for.


Each tool essentially has input/output data, one or more specific functions, and certain minimum levels of skill to operate. John will run down the various mainstream programs and apps that BIM users have come to rely on, providing highlights and tips about each, including:


  • Planning and design
  • Estimating & extracting from models
  • Fabrication, 3D printing
  • Scheduling, 4D scheduling & cost loading
  • Coordination, beyond crash optimizing
  • BIM model management & storage techniques
  • Facilities management and maintenance programs such as Cobie
  • Life safety systems and security

Meet Your Expert Presenter:

John Jurewicz
General Manager, Virtual Design and Construction

Mr. Jurewicz, expert in the use of technology in the construction industry, leads the company’s newly formed business unit, Walbridge Technologies LLC. Jurewicz comes from LTC Corp., where he was Chief Technology Officer and President of LTC Technologies.

John has more than 30 years of designing and modeling buildings and campuses. He specializes in technology integration for GIS and BIM. John's most recent research is in mobile mapping technologies to automate the documentation of places that are difficult to reach (I.E. confined areas under and between buildings) for smart maps, smart city infrastructure.

Among John's past experiences are automation of extraction estimating, optimization of coordination, & modeling (Navis/revit/Bentley AECOSIm Bldgs/Triforma/Intergraph). His recent work includes renovation of multiple buildings at the University of Chicago, Shapiro Hall (capitalize) 4D Simulations, technical service support to the FAA at multiple airports (Great Lakes Region), work on hotel new construction and renovation (Lowes, Langham, Carlson Group and White Lodgings), and lab work for NU for IIT, all while utilizing integrative information modeling.

In his spare time John enjoys teaching technology part-time at Northwestern University and writing.

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