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Construction Scheduling: Advanced Tips and Techniques

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Construction Scheduling:
Advanced Tips and Techniques
Presented by:
Bill Ibbs
The Ibbs Consulting Group, Inc. and University of California at Berkeley

Realistic project scheduling is a crucial ingredient for project success.

Simply stated, one could argue that any schedule that keeps its stakeholders abreast of the project status in a timely manner and results in an on-time performance is a good schedule. However, planning and scheduling professionals recognize that the components comprising a good schedule go far beyond. It's often difficult to conclude whether it was a good schedule until project completion and by then it's too late.

This recorded webinar will help you learn specific keys that are required for a good plan and schedule. These elements enable timely decisions and steer the project to its successful completion.

Excellent webinar.

Anonymous Participant
Lansing, Michigan

The speaker was very wise.

Anonymous Participant
New York, New York

The presentation was done very well.

Anonymous Participant
Montérégie, Quebec

This course covers the more advanced aspects of scheduling and scheduling techniques as well as the plans that underlie schedules, and is crucial for any project and constructor, design professional or project manager in today’s complex construction environment.

Listen to this program to learn key practical aspects of schedules and scheduling. This 90-minute program will help you:

  • Become familiar with different scheduling methodologies
    • CPM with lead-lag factors
    • Vertical production scheduling
  • Understand what owners and construction managers want to see in schedules and how they review schedules
  • Learn more about resource allocation
  • Deal with acceleration and compression
  • Discover the importance of good documentation
  • Identify good delay analysis techniques
  • Learn from games people play with schedules
  • And much, much more!

"...More important, however, is that creating a good schedule and producing accurate monthly updates is critical both to successful job completion as well as the ability to recover costs and/or time for project delays. Read the RFP/IFB documents carefully and request clarification for any uncertainties in the specifications that actually end up in each project that you are bidding on." — Paul Levin, PSP


 Who Will Benefit?

This presentation is a must if you’re a contractor, public or private owner, subcontractor, construction manager, owner’s representative, architect, engineer or  are interested in protecting your organization from losses, minimizing liabilities and streamlining the scheduling process.

This event features key insights from our knowledgeable construction expert:

William Ibbs
Ibbs Consulting

Mr. Ibbs is a recognized expert on the subject of construction and construction claims, particularly cumulative impact of changes, schedule delay and disruption, and loss of labor productivity. He and the associates of his firm have also worked and testified on other construction-related issues, such as professional standard of care, personal injury, false claims and loss of business value disputes. He has consulted on projects with a total constructed value of $30 billion all over the world, with clients such as Bechtel, Chevron, Obayashi, the US Navy and various public agencies.

Dr. Ibbs is also professor of civil engineering and leader of the Construction Management program at the University of California at Berkeley. A recognized authority in the area of construction change and change management, he has published more than 180 scholarly papers in this area. Much of that work has been adopted by corporations and government agencies as a corporate standard claims manual.

Professor Ibbs earned his B.S. and M.S. degrees from Carnegie Mellon University and his Ph.D. degree from Berkeley, all in civil engineering with a construction management emphasis.

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