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Pricing, Preparation, Support and Analysis of Lost Productivity Claims

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Pricing, Preparation, Support and Analysis of
Lost Productivity Claims


The first step to recovery and success of lost productivity claims is analysis and preparation. An impressive panel of construction experts reviews what works in pricing, preparation, support, and analysis of lost productivity claims.

The importance of a detailed analysis using actual cost records will be highlighted, and a variety of examples will be used to illustrate the calculation of damages by various methods such as:

  • Actual cost
  • Total cost
  • Modified total cost
  • Measured mile
  • Earned value

Learn which of the accepted methods of calculating lost labor productivity are appropriate in different situations, as well as how to calculate other types of costs, including:

  • Extended field and home-office overhead
  • Labor and equipment escalation costs
  • Overtime
  • Acceleration costs

The speakers will present time-tested tips on pricing, presenting, and defending against claims for loss of productivity.

Meet Your instructors from Sage Consulting:


Cory Milburn

Cory Milburn has over 15 years of professional experience in the engineering, construction, and energy industries. He performs damage analysis, productivity analysis, forensic schedule analysis, schedule development, and develops affirmative claims as well as performs analysis for defense of claims including schedule and cost analysis related to delays, disruption, and damages.


Becky Smith

Becky has over 20 years’ experience working in a variety of construction-related fields. She served in the Air Force as an engineering officer, was an owner representative for aviation construction projects, and was a design consultant/project manager on major transit projects. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering and a Master of Science degree in construction management. She specializes in schedule analyses.

Rick Kerr

Rick, a Professional Engineer in Colorado, has more than 19 years of construction experience at the field and executive level, including 8 years with a top ten heavy/highway contractor. Using his extensive experience, Rick provides expert testimony related to civil and earthwork-type projects. He also specializes in damage and delay analysis and has testified numerous times in both areas since joining Sage in 1996.

Recorded June 24, 2015

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