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Proving & Pricing Construction Delay Claims - Three Part Series

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Industry Experts Present Best Practices in Proving and Pricing Construction Delay Claims

Delay, which can be caused by many factors including adverse weather conditions, work stoppages, material and labor shortages, differing site conditions and change orders, is a common occurrence on construction projects and can mean the difference between success and failure of your projects.

This three-part series will focus on best practices for proving and pricing delay claims from the perspective of owners, contractors and sub-contractors. Attend this information-packed series to gain a better understanding of the myriad challenges all parties face when attempting to assert and win a delay claim to ensure your organization gets paid appropriately for work you have completed.

Session I

Practical Problems with Pricing Delay Using Eichleay

Delay is a common occurrence on construction projects and can be caused by multiple parties, weather or outside forces. But when delay is owner caused contractors frequently seek recovery of extended or unabsorbed home office overhead (HOOH).

This webinar will address the issue of the recovery of HOOH. This program will introduce practical problems with using the Eichleay Formula as a method of calculating extended/unabsorbed HOOH – from the viewpoint of accountants/auditors, owners and contractors, as well as practical remedies to keep all parties out of court or arbitration. Learn more...

Presented by David Halligan & Jim Zack, Navigant


Session II

Pricing Contractor Delay Costs

When contractors encounter owner caused (excusable/compensable) delay they are typically entitled under the contract to recover both the time resulting from the delay, as well as delay damages. Typically, contractors seek to recover their delay costs — extended field office overhead or general conditions costs. Calculating this cost is more complex than dealing with direct delay costs. There are at least eight methods for calculating extended field office overhead costs and none of the calculations arrive at the same daily cost.

This webinar reviews all eight methods – offering commentary on the strong and weak points of each. In addition, the webinar will offer recommendations on how project owners can resolve this dilemma in advance of delays, thus making the issue less contentious should a contractor encounter an owner-caused delay. Learn more...

Presented by Peter Badala & Jim Zack, Navigant


Session III

Proving & Pricing Subcontractor Delay Claims

Subcontractors, like general contractors, are frequently impacted by events and actions beyond their control. In addition to the typical risks involved in construction (i.e., changes, differing site conditions, work stoppages, delays, material and craft labor shortages, adverse weather, etc.), subcontractors face other problems also. Subcontractors routinely deal with four sets of problems on every construction project.

These problems are caused by the general contractor, the owner, other subcontractors, as well as third parties or force majeure events. This information-packed, 90-minute webinar will examine the issues concerning subcontractor delay claims. Learn more...

Presented by Jim Zack, Navigant

Learn from our construction claims experts about every aspect of delay claims and learn best practices for pricing and proving contractor and subcontractor delay claims.

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