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How to Survive a Troubled Project

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How to Survive a Troubled Project


Presented by:

Paul W. Berning

Law Offices of Paul W. Berning


All construction projects have challenges during performance, but some have problems of such magnitude and extent that the entire project becomes troubled, leaving all project participants facing potentially ruinous financial risk. Costs skyrocket, delays render schedules nearly meaningless, and cooperation gives way to disputes and ill will between project participants. This webinar will explore the problems that can arise on troubled projects and outline the steps that can be taken to survive troubled projects. Among such steps discussed are the following:

  • Recognizing a troubled project early
  • Acting promptly to minimize liability and maximize recovery
  • Involving legal counsel and consultants to avoid more problems and help resolve existing problems
  • Dealing with sureties and insurance
  • Deciding what to do when termination is the only way out
  • Evaluating the pros and cons of early alternative dispute resolution

This webinar offers valuable advice about how to recognize a troubled project, how to get through a troubled project, the techniques that can be used for spreading and sharing costs; how to gather facts and preserve evidence; and the approaches that can be taken to economically resolve disputes arising from troubled projects.



Who Should Watch this Webinar:


This webinar is a must if you're a public or private owner, construction manager, contractor, subcontractor, consultant, architect, engineer, or attorney who is interested in turning around troubled construction projects or terminating them.



Meet Your Expert Instructor:


Paul Berning has practiced construction law for nearly 30 years, most of them at large, national law firms. His practice centers on contract negotiation, counseling before and during projects aimed at preventing disputes, and resolution of disputes during and after construction. Matters have involved claims for extra work, project delay, disruption of work, lost efficiency; defective workmanship and materials; terminations for default; letters of credit; non-payment and payment remedies, including mechanics liens, stop-payment notices, payment bonds, lien priority disputes and Miller Act claims; project financing; labor and material shortages; bid protests; government contracts; and allegations of false claims. Clients include project owners, general contractors, subcontractors, design professionals, design-build and engineer-procure-construct contractors, suppliers, and manufacturers. Prior to starting his own firm, he was a partner in the nationally and internationally recognized construction law practice groups at Thelen LLP and Howrey LLP.

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