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Using Lean Techniques for Measurable Productivity Gains

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Using Lean Techniques for Measurable Productivity Gains


Presented by:

James Choo and Roberto Arbulu of Strategic Project Solutions Inc.


While many of us are familiar with the concepts, few of us have taken the time to actually attempt to implement lean construction techniques, often due to misconceptions that it is a total project commitment. James Choo and Roberto Arbulu of Strategic Project Solutions Inc. show how lean construction can be implemented, with the level of optimization determined by what you want to achieve. Some prefab and logistics planning is better done and implemented ahead of the project starting, but lean construction can be implemented at multiple levels. Join Choo and Arbulu to learn more about synchronizing supply with installation, logistics design, production control, prefabrication and virtual operations design, and other lean concepts you

can apply to your project. 


Watch this webinar to understand: 

  • The importance of effective variability management
  • Three types of buffers and buffer allocation
  • The relationship between variability and buffers
  • Key steps for optimizing project-based production
  • What makes for an efficient process and operations design framework
  • The importance of preassembly strategy
  • Three forms of control to include in your projects
  • Three types of supply flows that will improve productivity


H.J. James Choo is Strategic Project Solutions Inc's technical director. He has been involved in the lean construction movement since 1997. Working with other leaders in the movement, he has assisted in the development of planning processes that are being used to significantly improve the delivery of large complex capital programs. He has led the SPS Product Development team in developing a web-based application to enable sustainable implementation of production planning and control solutions. He works with organizations on a variety of large complex programs such as airports, railroads, hospitals, water treatment facilities, oil field development, refineries, research facilities and high-tech manufacturing facilities.

Roberto J. Arbulu leads Strategic Project Solutions' Technical Services Team. He has worked with leaders in the lean construction movement for more than 13 years in the application of lean production techniques to project delivery. He has assisted organizations and project teams on a global basis in improving their project delivery processes and achieving the associated objectives. He has worked on a variety of projects in several business sectors including, oil & gas, infrastructure, industrial, mining, and general building. In collaboration with other recognized experts, he has co-authored several papers regarding the application of Lean thinking in the AEC Industry, including a release of the first Construction Supply Chain Management Handbook. Furthermore, through a partnership with Stanford University (Center for Integrated Facility Engineering, CIFE), he represents SPS in the delivery of Virtual Design & Construction certificate program.

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