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Traditional Productivity Improvement Techniques

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Traditional Productivity Improvement Techniques


Presented by:

Michael Casten, Construction Concepts


Construction productivity expert Michael Casten presents his views and techniques for development and management of productivity improvement. The average construction operation underperforms production capacity by a factor of three or four times. Careful study of work at the crew level will reveal massive amounts of delays, wasted effort, and inefficient and ineffective use of resources. Casten provides solutions to help project managers, supervisors, and engineers find opportunities for reengineering process and resource utilization that can almost immediately double the output of many operations.


You'll learn successful productivity techniques Casten has developed in more than 30 years of specialized project management consulting to dozens of ENR Top 100 contractors, including:

  • Limitations of output measurement and cost reporting systems.
  • Crew-level analysis.
  • The importance of project and corporate management leadership.
  • Why average construction operations underperform three and four fold.
  • How to turn underperformance into measurable improvement over current "acceptable" performance levels.
  • Eliminating delays and wasted effort, and inefficient and ineffective use of resources.
  • Applying the process of "purposive discovery" to uncover opportunities to double output.
  • "Operations engineering" techniques such as Operation Economics and proactive Operation Engineering and Design.
  • Setting exceptional performance expectations and well engineered work area to ensure average craftsmen can achieve the potential of the resources used.

The best cost control system ever devised is the effective implementation of an engineered potential production solution. Register today to start your company on the road toward increased production, higher performance projects, and a greatly improved bottom line.



 Michael Casten is the founder of Construction Concepts, a construction production management consulting firm in Greensboro, N.C. He is an internationally recognized expert in the facilitation of breakthrough performance for contractor clients of all sizes. The construction project production management and control system he has developed over more than 30 years of consulting is a unique approach to managing for improvements in both employee performance and the quality of service and product. Working closely with the senior leadership of each client organization, he focuses on the development of construction project leadership teams capable of planning for and completing construction projects with exceptional safety, quality, and productivity. With his help, client project leadership teams are educated and trained in improved pre-construction planning, project operation and value stream production planning and control, work area preparation, and ongoing operation observation and analysis skill sets.


Mr. Casten has authored Supervisory Training Program (STP) units for the Associated General Contractors of America, three of the five Carolinas AGC Project SuperVISION 40-hour core courses, the Contractor Guidelines for Career Development and has trained many of the instructors for the core courses. Additionally, he has compiled, edited, written, and helped teach the very successful Supervisors Institute, an intense week-long course for construction project leaders with more than 2,000 graduates. He also co-developed and taught Construction Performance Improvement at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

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