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Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) Contracts: Keys to Success

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Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) Contracts: Keys to Success

Presented by:

Howard Ashcraft, Partner, Hanson Bridgett LLP


Traditional construction methods, such as design-build, often put the owner and other parties at odds, which means that they often end up on opposite sides in court when things go wrong. However, integrated project delivery (IPD) is designed for collaboration and shared risk/reward from the beginning of a construction project. The traditional methods of passing along blame and responsibility are virtually eliminated from the equation and replaced with working environments that encourage parties seeking project success. Bringing together the owner, architect, and contractor on a level playing field is conducive to quality delivery. The fundamentals of this process ensure maximum efficiency and successful project delivery from all parties involved.


This webinar will focus on the key elements of an IPD agreement, why they exist, and how to modify them to fit the needs of a specific project. Taught by an attorney whose team has structured over 40 full-blood IPD agreements, this 90-minute, interactive webinar will help you:

  • Get an in-depth description and analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of IPD agreements.
  • Understand the key elements of an IPD agreement.
  • Learn why these elements are important.
  • Use variations to meet specific project goals.
  • Improve your understanding of IPD compensation agreements and common alternatives.
  • Recognize the relation between project structure and key operational strategies, such as Lean, BIM, and information organization.
  • Summarize IPD in comparison to existing contract alternatives.
  • And much, much more!


Who Should Attend This Webinar

This webinar is a must if you’re a subcontractor, public or private owner, construction manager, contractor, consultant, architect, or engineer. Construction law attorneys also will benefit from this program.


Meet Your Presenter: 

Howard W. Ashcraft Jr., Partner -- Hanson Bridgett LLP
Howard W. Ashcraft Jr. is a skilled attorney with tremendous experience in the construction industry. He is actively involved in developing new approaches to construction project delivery that will avoid many of the issues he has seen over the course of his career. In particular, he has worked as a steering committee member and legal and risk chair of the AIACC's interdisciplinary taskforce on Integrated Project Delivery. He was a contributing author to the AIACC's Integrated Project Delivery: A Working Definition and the joint AIA/AIACC Integrated Project Delivery: A Guide. These documents reflect the most current thinking regarding use and implementation of collaborative project delivery methods. Howard recently received the president's award from the AIACC for this work.


According to Chambers USA, Howard is Band 1 rated and “has a solid practice representing design professionals and public owners. Like the firm, he is especially praised for his knowledge of IPD-related work. Clients say: His knowledge of the IPD process is without equal. He helped to guide us through the process and identified pitfalls and successes from other projects he worked on.”


In parallel, Howard has been working with the congressionally chartered National Institute of Building Sciences to develop the National Building Information Modeling Standard. He currently heads the institute's legal and risk sub-group. Building Information Modeling is the use of object-oriented, intelligent databases that not only can use 3D design tools to characterize existing architectural and engineering design, but can be used to explore and manage construction processes, energy optimization, sustainable construction, costs and facility management.

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