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The Keys to Federal Construction Contracting

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The Keys to Federal Construction Contracting

The dramatic increase in federal construction spending has led many contractors to look to the federal government as an opportunity to expand their business during these tough economic times. While working as a federal contractor or subcontractor offers many opportunities, the rules governing contractor relationships with the government differ from the private sector. This training recording focuses on the recurring and troubling questions facing federal contractors and offers practical guidance aimed at simplifying the process of dealing with the government. Attend The Keys to Federal Construction Contracting and learn:

  • How federal contracts differ from commercial contracts
  • How the government buys construction services, and how to compete for it
  • The roles of the CO, the COTR, the ROICC, DCAA, OIG, and other government representatives
  • About the Christian doctrine, the Spearin doctrine, the Eichleay formula, and other special rules governing contract performance
  • Best practices for preparing requests for equitable adjustment and resolving disputes in accordance with the Contract Disputes Act
  • The most controversial and misunderstood parts of E-Verify compliance
  • Special audit and oversight rules governing stimulus-funded contracts
  • And, much more!


Who Will Benefit?

This training recording is a must if you're a contractor, subcontractor, construction manager, surety, attorney or other party that works on federal government construction projects. This will be a critical issue with the expanded federal construction money being spent under the Obama stimulus plan. Purchase now to learn what you and every member of your organization must be aware of in complying with federally funded construction projects.

Meet Your Presenters: 

Brian Waagner
Brian Waagner is a partner in the Washington, DC office of Husch Blackwell Sanders LLP. He advises construction contractors and subcontractors on issues relating to their federal contracts, including contract award controversies, compliance issues and audits, requests for equitable adjustment and claims, and responding to allegations of false claims. Brian is formerly a shareholder in the Northern Virginia office of Wickwire Gavin, P.C.

Hal Perloff
Hal Perloff is also a partner in the Washington, DC office of Husch Blackwell Sanders LLP. Formerly a JAG attorney with the United States Army Corps of Engineers and shareholder with Wickwire Gavin, P.C., Hal's practice focuses on issues facing federal construction contractors. Hal has particular expertise on privatized military housing projects procured under the Military Housing Privatization Initiative..

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