Article Date: 09/05/2014

Version 3 of NBIMS-US Scheduled for Release Soon

By Steve Rizer


Expect Version 3 of the National Building Information Modeling Standard-United States (NBIMS-US V3) -- the first round of it anyway -- to be released by year’s end. The plan is to first release the standard in a raw, PDF-only version “with all of the content but without the planned additional extensive editorial content, way finding, and implementation guides,” Jeffrey Ouellette, vice chairperson of the project committee responsible for the standard’s development, told ConstructionPro Week (CPW). The second round, tentatively set to be unveiled during the first quarter of next year, will be the interactive website release for buildingSMART members and contain comprehensive content that includes the additional material.


“The newest edition of the standard will provide design professionals, contractors, facility managers, and owners with technology, process, and best-practice standards to facilitate data for the design, procurement, construction, and operation of a building,” the National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS) recently stated.


Earlier this year, V3 Project Committee members cast their votes on proposed updates to NBIMS-US over a five-week period and passed the ballot. All 27 items on the ballot were approved by more than two-thirds of the non-abstaining members who voted.


A summary of V3 can be accessed here.


In preparation for the new version, Ouellette will provide an “insider’s look at all parts” of NBIMS-US V3 during a workshop entitled “Better Project Delivery through Implementation of the National BIM Standard-US,”  scheduled to take place Oct. 28 at ArchitectureBoston Expo. He intends to discuss what the standard means for a design professional, project partner, and client. Additionally, he will focus on how the standard can be successfully applied to the execution of a particular project or the everyday practices of a design firm.


The ConstructionPro Network member version of this article includes a transcript of CPW's interview with Ouellette, in which he discusses the major differences between NBIMS-US V2 and V3, some of the key points of his upcoming presentation, among other things.



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