Article Date: 09/19/2014

New Version of National CAD Standard Features a Slew of Enhancements

By Steve Rizer


There is a veritable laundry list of new features included in the latest version of the national standard for computer-aided design (CAD) -- a standard intended to help architects, constructors, and operators coordinate efforts by classifying electronic design data consistently and making information retrieval easier. One of the major changes appearing in the recently released National CAD Standard Version 6 (NCS V6) is guidance for incorporating NCS content within a building information modeling (BIM) workflow, according to the National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS), which unveiled NCS V6 with Construction Specifications Institute.


Specifically, NCS V6 includes new BIM implementation guidelines that address relevant sections within the standard that can be incorporated into the BIM workflow and current contracts referencing project delivery of construction information, NIBS stated. The organization noted that the latest version of the standard is considered the first step in bringing NCS and the National BIM Standard-United States into alignment.


Among the other new features are the following:

  • An improved style format, which applies to the body of the standard to properly number chapter and subchapter headings
  • In an enhanced and improved Symbols Library, all 1300-plus NCS symbol CAD files were replaced and renamed, using a unique three-digit extension number and abbreviated name, as well as converted to inches. Also, there are new insertion points with line type and pattern file type definitions included where appropriate. Each individual symbol links to a corresponding .DWG, .LIN, or .PAT drawing file. The library includes 72 new and 40 revised symbols in addition to two new “symbols” chapters.
  • New “Survey/Mapping” discipline designators
  • New major and minor groups definitions were added for “Airports and Plumbing”

The ConstructionPro Network member version of this article includes information on other NCS changes.



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