Article Date: 06/20/2014

New Construction Research Projects Announced

By Steve Rizer


Construction Industry Institute (CII) has revealed a list of eight new research projects it will support for improving construction projects and practices across the industry. The eight topics address various areas, including the measurement of engineering/design deliverable quality, future construction needs of virtual design models, and best practices for succession planning.


Projects for this year’s research slate include the following:

  • Definition and Measurement of Engineering/Design Deliverable Quality (RT 320)
  • Using Precursor Analysis to Prevent Low-frequency High-impact Events, Including Fatalities (RT 321)
  • Improving Project Progress and Performance Assessment (RT 322)
  • Finding Leading Indicators to Prevent Premature Starts and Assuring Uninterrupted Construction (RT 323)
  • Future Construction Needs of Virtual Design Models (RT 324)
  • Best Practices for Succession Planning (RT 325)
  • Can We Utilize Next-Gen Experience to Maximize Virtual Team Performance? (RT 326)
  • Innovative Methods for Delivering Information to the Crafts (RT 327)

These research topics were chosen from among 168 suggestions for inclusion in this year’s research slate, according to CII, a consortium of more than 130 owner, engineering-contractor, and supplier firms in the public and private arenas.


Kickoff meetings for the teams implementing these research projects were expected to take place before July. 



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