ConstructionPro Week, Volume: Construction Advisor Today - Issue: 111 - 06/10/2011

Independent 5D Initiative Enters New Phase in Developing BIM Solutions for European Contractors

The 5D Initiative, an independent think tank and task force, has entered into what it called a "process of more intensive cooperation" with five companies to develop new building information modeling (BIM) software solutions for European contractors. The 5D Initiative, operating within the Encord Virtual Construction Platform, is working with Autodesk, Bentley, Computers and Communication Technology International (CCT), RIB Software AG, and Tekla Corp.

The collaboration "is moving forward to incorporate pragmatic requirements for a 5Di solution, which is the amplification of BIM solutions for contractors to ensure higher process integration from very early design, engineering, fabrication, and construction to operation and maintenance," according to 5D Initiative.

The 5D Initiative was launched in 2008 with the goal of describing common requirements of the European construction industry for the development of new innovative tools by the hardware and software industry. Since 2008, the 5D Initiative has had several discussions with Autodesk, Bentley, CCT, RIB, and Tekla to recognize and analyze the requirements of the more advanced and fully integrated 5D solutions.

Based on the shared requirements from the 5D Initiative and the strategic discussions so far, Autodesk, Bentley, CCT, RIB, Tekla, and the 5D Initiative have reached a common understanding about BIM for construction. This led to a plan for taking the existing cooperation to the next level with the goal of fulfilling needs of construction process integration in construction practice.

"We expect this to lead to 5Di solutions that are fully integrated, sustainable, seamless, and accelerate implementation in construction practice," 5D Initiative Chairperson Konstantinos Kessoudis said. "As 5Di will cover the whole process of building life cycle, we do appreciate the engagement of leading construction software companies to share the common idea of 5Di as the basis for collaboration. We are confident that this will be the beginning for a construction industry solution implementing all relevant processes and software solutions."      

With the collaboration, the 5D Initiative stated that it intends to develop more detailed and concrete requirements. "The 5D Initiative expects that updating and sharing these requirements will facilitate the development of new 5D solutions by the software providers that reflect the needs of European contractors. The 5D Initiative is currently working on updating the following UseCases to set focus on major parts of 5Di requirements: building process integration -- systems engineering and BIM; change management; progress collection, monitoring, and control; design to fabrication; and model-based estimation -- QTO processes.




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