ConstructionPro Week, Volume: Construction Advisor Today - Issue: 109 - 05/26/2011

Turner Announces Deployment of SketchUp Pro

Turner Construction Co. earlier this month announced the deployment of SketchUp Pro, a Google three-dimensional model authoring tool and platform. Turner is using SketchUp Pro as part of its standard “digital toolbox” to provide building information modeling (BIM)-related services on projects worldwide.

“We use SketchUp Pro as a 3-D modeling tool due to its user-friendly interface and ability to rapidly produce lightweight geometries,” according to Turner. “SketchUp is also able to easily scale up and down based on needs, for conceptual ‘what if’ scenario cost estimating analyses, building systems constructability studies, or whole building and site models for sequencing and schedule analysis and work-in-place monitoring during construction.”

Added James Barrett, national director of Integrated Building Solutions for Turner: “We have adopted a ‘software agnostic’ philosophy in the execution of our BIM-related activities so that we are not constrained by tradition or precedence within an industry that is rapidly changing. Instead, we bring a practicality and open mindedness to finding the best digital tool suited to the task at hand. The deployment of SketchUp Pro is emblematic of this approach, and we envision its use at all levels of the company from managers to field superintendents.”

As an example, Turner staff working at the World Trade Center site in New York City use SketchUp’s modeling tools to enable the on-site BIM team to provide daily 3D studies for project stakeholders.

“Our SketchUp models provide information during the decision making process and support the overall management and control of the construction activities at the site,” said Ben Ferrer, a BIM engineer for Turner.




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