ConstructionPro Week, Volume: Construction Advisor Today - Issue: 150 - 03/15/2012

During WPL Publishing Webinar, Green Building Expert Offers Advice on Integrative Project Management

By Steve Rizer


One of the key components of a successful integrative project management (IPM) approach to sustainable construction is ongoing training, Triple Green Building Group Principal Kelly Gearhart told a group of construction professionals attending a webinar that WPL Publishing recently held. When executing this ongoing-training component, it is important to mitigate risk and ensure transparency, she said, addressing a target audience of public and private owners, developers, construction managers, contractors, subcontractors, consultants, architects, engineers, and facility and property managers.


Project leaders should identify risks and plan ahead to address them, Gearhart said. “And make sure that your team understands how that’s going to be happening.” In offering this advice, she emphasized the need to communicate early, clearly, and often.


Such potential risks that can be addressed by planning ahead include greywater and plumbing codes, increased ventilation and mold, alternative products and quality/durability, and increased efficiency and comfort, Gearhart said. Regarding increased efficiency and comfort, “the idea is that these two things -- increased efficiency and comfort -- can be in conflict if they are not planned and executed appropriately.”


Gearhart referred webinar attendees to the following resources as guides for implementing the ongoing-training component: The Green Built Environment in the United States; Green Building Law Update; U.S. Green Building Council Core Curriculum; and Green Building Certification Institute Course Catalog. 


In addition to ongoing training, other key components of a successful IPM approach to sustainable construction include goal setting, charrette facilitation, team selection, responsibility allocation, and scheduling, according to Gearhart. During the webinar, she provided the “pros” and “cons,” resource tools, and examples regarding each component.


For information about obtaining the recordings of the webinar, please call WPL Publishing at (301) 765-9525.




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