ConstructionPro Week, Volume: Construction Advisor Today - Issue: 46 - 03/11/2010

Bentley Launches Integrated Structural Modeling Methodology for Creators and Consumers of Structural Project Information

Bentley Systems Inc. has launched its integrated structural modeling (ISM) methodology for creators and consumers of structural project information. With ISM -- and new software apps available for download from Bentley -- structural engineers can fully participate in multidisciplinary, integrated project workflows, the company stated.


"This means they also can take advantage of innovative building information modeling best practices to reap significant business benefits for their projects and organizations," according to Bentley. "ISM's flexible workflows support design review of various structural assets such as buildings, bridges, towers, and industrial structures by aggregating information-rich content, in both proprietary and interoperable formats, from multiple data sources. ISM results in intelligent structural designs, more successful projects, and better-performing buildings and structures of all types."


The new apps, consisting of Structural Synchronizer V8i and Structural Dashboard V8i, allow structural engineers to employ, immediately, ISM in their integrated projects.


Structural Synchronizer provides the following:


  • A shared repository of common structural model data.
  • The ability to track revisions and compare differences between versions.
  • Enhanced coordination through the synchronization of data across products.
  • Review facilitated by a structural model and drawing viewer with data interrogation capabilities.
  • Integrated applications and data for structural modeling, structural analysis and
  • design,structural documentation and drafting, structural detailing and fabrication, plus industry-neutral formats.
  • An open API enabling third-party vendors to integrate with the ISM workflow.


Structural Dashboard enables structural engineering professionals to do the following:


  • Manage workflows for common project types.
  • Launch all structural applications from a unified interface.
  • Create customized workflows specific to individual projects.
  • Receive structural news from customizable RSS feeds.
  • Join a structural online community and access blogs, wikis, and forums.
  • Download product upgrades from the Bentley SELECTserver.
  • Manage project files and links within project workflows.


"Up to now, a lack of interoperability among software applications has kept most engineers from sharing the maximum business value that can be derived from integrated projects and the BIM best practices required for their successful completion," Bentley stated.




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