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Design professionals can have their licenses suspended or revoked for conduct unrelated to the practice of their profession. As with any other licensed professional, certain types of egregious behavior may indicate an individual is a danger to the public when practicing that profession.


A licensed architect designed two houses. There were no complaints about the designs or the architect’s practice of his profession. However, once the designs were complete, the architect contracted to serve as general contractor for the construction of the homes. It was alleged he diverted and misdirected contract payments during the construction process, which led to criminal indictments. His architect’s license was summarily suspended pending resolution of the criminal charges.


The second case in this issue involves the timing of the government’s baseline survey of elevations for purposes of measuring the quantity of unit-priced compacted fill. Did performance of the survey prior to, rather than after, clearing and grubbing of the site result in an understatement of the quantity of placed fill?


The third case addresses the difficult issue of bid security for an electronically submitted bid. Did the concurrent submission of an electronic image of a cashier’s check suffice? Or was the low bid rendered unsecured and nonresponsive?




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