Construction Claims Advisor 2019 Reader Survey Results - New Content on the Way

The results of the recent survey indicate that our readers are very happy with both the newsletter and the available material in the free resource library.  This does not mean we will rest on our laurels and nothing will change; in fact, readers will see some immediate positive changes. 


Here’s what we learned from the survey. To start, more than 25% of our readers are architects/engineers. When Construction Claims Advisor first started publishing, 80% of the audience were contractors or construction managers. The other 20% consisted of public and private owners, claim consultants, attorneys and A/Es. A closer look at the answers provided by the A/Es in the new survey is that they found Construction Claims Advisor useful in helping to better manage design as well as construction projects to avoid claims, and to help engineers achieve continuing education goals. 


In short, 48% of readers subscribe to keep current with legal issues, 31% to help avoid claims and 22% to manage claims. It is refreshing to see that avoiding claims is important; architects/engineers are certainly in a position to assist with this effort with more carefully prepared contract documents, and by working closely with the contractor during construction. 


Eighty-percent (80%) found Construction Claims Advisor to be an essential resource to improve business, and a full 97% agreed that the Advisor provides effective coverage of the construction law/claims industry! In the individual comments, several people highlighted the easy-to-read nature of the case studies, the variety of webinar downloads and “access to unusual materials.”


Regarding the newsletter, readers would like to see more content on planning and scheduling, on cost control and on insurance and bond issues. Other topic requests include best practices in construction and risk management, and there seems to be some interest in highway and bridge claims. 


In response to your input, effective with this issue, we are increasing our case summary coverage by 50% to three per issue. In addition, we will be adding additional content over time in the form of articles on construction scheduling and claims topics. Also, we recently resurrected a feature at the end of each article where readers can enter a comment about an article (you must be logged in to use this feature; comments can be entered up to 14 days after publication). 


Don't forget to take advantage of the free webinar downloads and reports available in the library.  We look forward to serving you and your continued feedback. 




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