ConstructionPro Week, Volume: 6 - Issue: 18 - 05/05/2017

Construction Blog Highlights

Daily Job Reports

In a recent article at The Lien Zone blog, Alexander Barthet, a Florida construction lawyer stressed the importance of daily job reports and of actually doing them on a daily basis.  In the event of a delay or claim, these reports are considered key evidence showing what occurred on the job.  Click here to learn more about the importance of timely documentation and what to include in daily construction reports.



Construction Spending at Record Levels

According to a post at the Associated General Contractors blog, construction spending is at record levels for the past two months.    Association officials said that many firms are eager to see details of the Trump Administration’s plans for infrastructure that could help boost economic activity and demand for construction services.  According to AGC’s chief executive officer, “if Washington officials can find a way to enact significant new infrastructure funding, we are likely to see even higher record levels of construction spending for the foreseeable future.”  Read more about details of spending levels.



Best Inexpensive Tablets for the Construction Industry

 In a recent blog post at GenieBelt, author Jeffrey Ulrich reviewed three “cheap” tablets that are perfect for construction workers – they are all designed to operate in tough outdoor environmentsClick here for the full article.




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