ConstructionPro Week, Volume: 6 - Issue: 32 - 08/11/2017

Top 10 Causes & Costs of Workplace Injuries

Let’s be blunt; we’re all responsible for our own safety, right? Jobsite safety has a negative ROI, so project management really does not want to spend much time or money on it. Isn’t it just common sense to, for example, wear protective googles when using a nail gun? The workers, who are often pressured to complete the job in the shortest possible time, often don’t want to bother with it. Perhaps workers don’t want to take the time to look for the safety googles, or they’ve been doing this for so long that they don’t want to change.


On occasion construction safety can get really expensive for all sides of a project bringing delays, losses and stress. Let’s see how expensive it can really get according to a recent article by Julie Copeland of displaying an annual net total cost of each cause.



Cost (In Billions)



Falls on Same Level


Falls to Lower Level(s)


Struck by Object or Equipment


Other Exertions or Bodily Reactions


Roadway Incidents Involving Motorized Land vehicle


Slip or Trip Without Fall


Caught in/Compressed by Equipment or Objects


Struck Against Object or Equipment


Repetitive Motions Involving Micro Tasks


There are a few basics steps that a project manager can take to address the issue of construction safety: make sure that his crews and contractors strictly adhere to all safety regulations, keep morale up regardless of the workload and look into new technologies available to help with the task.


You can learn more about each of the top hazards by listening to a 90-minute recorded program by Neil Opher, entitled OSHA Focus Four Hazards: Best Practices to Prevent Accidents and Fatalities. This unique presentation will have your staff working with renewed interest and incentive to improve the safety culture at your organization. Whether you're a contractor, construction manager or an owner, safety knowledge is your responsibility and provides you with direct benefits. Workers who feel their organization is looking after their safety will work more confidently and more productively as well. Click here to learn more or order




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