ConstructionPro Week, Volume: 6 - Issue: 10 - 03/10/2017

Construction Blog Highlights

This week's blog highlights from across the industry look at:


Smart Buildings Are Made, Not Born

Last month, we covered IBM’s investment in IoT (Internet of Things) devices in the construction industry as reported by Jacqi Levy in the first of a four-part series on how IoT will benefit owners and contractors.  While waiting for the remaining installments, check out the short video showing  how IBM had a crew of people install 1,000 sensors in four hours to convert an existing analog building to digital.  The video provides insight into what the sensors measure and how they are used.  Check it out at the IBM blog site here.


10 Reasons Construction Companies Go Out of Business

 According to a recent post at construction software supplier Geniebelt, there are 10 reasons contractors go out of business. The top three reasons for failure are: 1) starting for the wrong reason, 2) insufficient capital, and 3) improper planning.  Note that poor management and leadership comes in 4th place behind improper planning.  We here at ConstructionPro Network often stress that scheduling (and planning) is key, so pay attention to those project schedules!   Click here to read the post and Jenny Yi Lou's infographic  describing the 10 factors.


Hard-Hat Safety Attachment and Two Hololens Applications

Our friends at the Construction Junkie have covered a number of interesting technology blogs the past few weeks.  The first is a post on a new hard-hat attachment that senses when workers are fatigued.  The second is about the latest development work on construction applications by Microsoft for its Hololens product -- automated progress monitoring and automated bridge damage detection




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