ConstructionPro Week, Volume: 5 - Issue: 43 - 11/04/2016

Construction Blog Highlights

On a regular basis, we highlight content posted on other blogs that we feel would benefit our readers.  This week's blog highlights include:


Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Final Rule Temporarily Halted

Howard Roth reporting at Oles Morrison's The Procurement Playbook blog notes a federal court granted a preliminary injunction on October 24th due to pending litigation in Texas that raises concern that the compliance reporting burdens may result in unintentional blacklisting of companies from award of government contracts. The court did not bar implementation of the paycheck transparency requirement scheduled to take effect on January 1, 2017.  Read the full post here.


In Season Stadium Renovation
Last week's issue featured a time-lapse video of Atlanta's new Mercedes-Benz stadium.  Less flashy are stadium renovations. Larry Casey, Senior VP at Skanska, discusses the thought processes involved in design and construction of renovations both before and during the season.  The blog post outlines issues with the renovation and expansion of Commonwealth Stadium at the University of Kentucky, including a new ring of concession stands. 


AIA Urges Congress Not to Repeal the 2030 Energy-Use Goals

The American Institute of Architects has made a written appeal to U.S. congressional leaders asking them to resist the fossil fuel industry's attempt to repeal Section 433 of the Energy Independence and Security Act.  Kim Slowey, writing at the Construction Dive blog, notes that nearly 600 other business signatories agree that the measure should not be repealed.  Section 433 phases out fossil fuel use in federal buildings, and seems to be working.  Read Slowey's full post and comments here.




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