ConstructionPro Week, Volume: 5 - Issue: 41 - 10/21/2016

Construction Blog Highlights

On a regular basis, we highlight content posted on other blogs that we feel would benefit our readers.  This week's blog highlights include:


What Will Construction on Mars Look Like?

President Obama and Elon Musk both believe we can be living on Mars in 20-50 years. Scientists and building industry professionals are already looking into what the structures will look like, and how they will perform, including housing. With its frozen atmospheric conditions, scientists are looking into 3D-printed houses using water as the building material.  Another material readily available on Mars is sulfur, which can be mixed with Martian soil to produce sulfur concrete, also a candidate for 3D-printed structural components.  Check it out at Patrick Kennedy's post at the Suffolk Construction blog here.


Prescription for Construction Labor Shortages - Offsite Preconstruction & Training
The U.S. is not the only country struggling with a retiring workforce and labor shortages. A report commissioned by the Construction Leadership Council in the U.K. points out how construction's dysfunctional training model and its lack of innovation and collaboration as well as its non-existent research and development culture is damaging the image and future productivity of the construction industry. In addition to identifying various problems such as the fractured supply-chain model that characterizes the industry, the report suggests solutions as well as how to go about funding the needed R&D and investments in training. Check out this must-read article at the National Tradesmen blogClick here to download the complete report: The Farmer Review of the U.K. Construction Labour Model, subtitled Modernise or Die - Time to Decide the Industry's Future.


Glass Industry High on Drone Use

Nick St. Denis, writing at the USGlass News Network blog, sees many uses for drones for the glass and glazing industry during the installation phase. Workers on-site can use them to monitor progress, identify issues and inspect quality without having to physically elevate up many stories.  For retrofit projects, the installer can examine existing conditions and provide video footage to support their proposal. In short, time is saved, better information is collected, and there's less risk to those preparing bids and inspecting the work.  Check out the blog post here




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