ConstructionPro Week, Volume: 5 - Issue: 12 - 03/25/2016

Construction Blog Highlights

On a regular basis, we highlight content posted on other blogs that we feel would benefit our readers.  This week, we look at some of the blogs reviewed by Mark Buckshon at Construction Marketing Ideas as finalists for its Best Construction Blog of 2016 competition, which closes on March 31.  Check out Mark’s reviews starting with the March archives here and be sure to cast your vote. Following are some of the blogs and specific posts profiled over the past two months.


Whirlwind Steel.  Notable for blogs on cost control and developing solid business practices.  Mark particularly likes Whirlwind’s 9 ways to minimize construction costs, which contains good advice on assuring steel meets proper standards prior to fabrication.  (Note, CPW cited Whirlwind in its Jan. 29, 2016 post on construction safety).  Click here for the Whirlwind post.


Tocci Building Companies. Construction company blogs are typically self-promoting affairs announcing new projects, recent awards and recognition of standout employees. The Tocci blog often goes beyond the work of the typical company website as it reports on the experiences and insights gained from its own projects as well as specific topics in the field  A recent example cited by Mark is a recent post on laboratory design and construction.  Mark observed how the Tocci post educates the reader on the history and recent developments on laboratory design, operations, economics and working conditions. Note, Tocci was the Best Construction Blog of 2015 winner!  Click here for Mark’s review and link to the original Tocci post. 


Tess Wittier Blog. Tess is a former National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) staffer and now a professional construction writer. Buckshon likes her site for the good marketing advice she provides readers.  For example, a very useful blog from last November gives advice on how to make an editorial calendar for your own blogsite; read the original post here.


The Construction Junkie.  Written by Shane Hedmon, this blog “… tackles the construction industry from a holistic perspective,” according to Buchshon.  “There are stories about technologies, embarrassments, green construction, law, and — to lighten things up — some “crazy construction videos,” he adds.  One of Buchson’s favorite postings is The 13 Most Promising Technologies We Learned About in 2015.


Of course, in all modesty, check out Mark’s review of the ConstructionPro Network site here – what else?   Mark points out that ConstructionPro Network “…combines a solid seriousness with an incredibly deep and diverse level of information. It isn’t superficial, that is for sure.”  And be sure to cast your vote for us and others at the end of the article.  Deadline is March 31.  Thank you!




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