ConstructionPro Week, Volume: 4 - Issue: 36 - 09/18/2015

2nd Avenue Subway Drone Showcases Construction Project

Wednesday night’s CBS News with Scott Pelley featured a two-minute video on the 2nd Avenue subway project in New York City. Watching the episode carefully, one might guess that most of the video was shot with a drone. Indeed, at 1:07 minutes into the video, a DJI Inspire drone is seen flying over the track invert. Sure enough, a google search turned up an online article and video from the CBS This Morning newscast, from which the evening news story was based upon.

This video is a great example of the documentation value a drone can add to a project. Progress can be documented with great detail. The same videos can help with planning for future work. For example, showing where materials and supplies are located can help with logistics planning, site conditions can be observed such as water or debris that would need to be removed, and working environment can be studied from a safety, lighting and congestion perspective. The quality of the video is excellent, and could easily serve as a substitute for a general walkthru of the project to be shared with the project team, project owners and the public.


Click here for the CBS News video.  To access the local CBS news' article about the drone along with additional footage, click here. Note, for the videos, be warned that you may need to sit through a 10-30 second ad before the clip will play.




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