ConstructionPro Week, Volume: 4 - Issue: 35 - 09/11/2015

Construction Blog Highlights

ConstructionPro Network takes a look at interesting blog posts from the past week.


Safety: Give foot injuries the boot

Jim Harris, at the Construction Today blog, noted on Tuesday that recent Bureau of Labor Statistics show more than 75% of foot-related injuries occurred to workers not wearing safety shoes or boots. This should be a wake-up call to contractors. There’s more to safety footwear than just steel toes. Some footwear are designed for specific use; construction workers should look for boots that protect against compression and cuts for example. Read complete post.

What skills make a good foreman or superintendent?

At the Constructorator Blog this week, Dan Henrie provides tips on skills to look for in promoting a worker to a foreman. Being a hard worker is not enough. Skills such as planning and communication are just as important as technical skills. Check out this and other recent posts at the site aimed at management, as well as those wishing to become foremen or to improve their supervisory skills. Read complete post.

Safety awareness and action is the sign of a good foreman

Safety and construction foreman skills go hand-in-hand, as any experienced construction executive should know. This week at the The Cornerstone workforce development site, Jeff Hooper goes in-depth to explain that safety should be part of a contractor’s culture. It should be reinforced through safety officers, and be demanded by foremen and superintendents. Read complete post.


Informative blog for contractors, civil engineers and students is a well-organized blog written by Suryakanta Padhi featuring numerous short tutorials on a variety of topics, including materials, geotechnical, concrete and construction. This should prove to be a useful site, for students and practitioners alike, who want to beef up their general knowledge or want to research specific topics. For example: 10 Rules to Follow While Placing Concrete in Hot Weather, 10 Methods to Prevent Plastic Shrinkage Cracking of Concrete, and 8 Must Follow Rules for Good Bonding in Brickwork. Click here.


Indirect costs in construction accounting

Christopher Fischer at Aronson, LLC, a well-respected construction accounting firm in Rockville, Maryland, is running a five-part introductory series on indirect costs at the aronsonblogs site. Indirect costs are important for financial reporting, budgeting and estimating, banking and bonding, and overall financial status. In the first post, Fischer explains exactly what indirect costs are and how they should be classified. Part 2 explains what cost pools are and how to develop indirect rates. The most recent post points out the importance of including indirect costs when pricing new contracts as well as change orders. Read posts.


What blogs do you follow?  Please feel free to comment on blogs that you have found useful in your day-to-day construction activities.  Also, check out our list of popular blogs compiled this past August - click here.




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