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Teaching the Caterpillar to Fly: Strategies for Managing Change in Construction (Bruce Hallock)

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Don't let changes in your construction projects cause your projects to fail. Purchase this training CD to discover how to manage change for positive project results!


Join us as Bruce Hallock explores the root causes of change, and how change can be better managed. Mr. Hallock reveals his findings based upon more than 500 construction project examples including all delivery methods from design, bid build, design-build, TPM and turnkey to show you the way to successfully manage change in the project environment. You'll learn:


  • Flying from a caterpillar's perspective
  • What is "Change Management"? It is not a technique but the application of basic project management fundamentals
  • The difference between managing change and administering the change order procedure
  • The root causes of change
  • Key responsibilities of owners, designers and contractors in the change management process
  • Specific risks and impediments to effective change management and what you need to protect yourself from them
  • Change management best practices
  • Elements of a change management system
  • A success story that demonstrates change management does work


Who Will Benefit?


This training webinar is a must if you're an owner, construction manager, contractor, subcontractor, consultant, engineer or legal professional.





Bruce Hallock
Vice President, Managing Consultant of Marsh Risk Consulting
Construction Consulting Practice. 


Mr. Hallock has more than 35 years of global experience in construction management, contract administration, project controls, dispute resolution, management consulting, risk management and engineering management. He has expertise in developing systems, processes and infrastructure which ensures projects are completed safely, on time and within budget. Mr. Hallock has extensive experience in consulting for private and public entities throughout the transportation, process, oil and gas, power and building industries. Mr. Hallock has presented testimony in court trials and arbitrations and leads and executes analyses involving issues of schedule delay, design, causation and responsibility, scope change, change order, cost impact and others.


In his professional career, Mr. Hallock has worked as a Planning and Scheduling Engineer, Contracts Manager, Project Manager, Claims Manager, Risk Manager and Commercial Manager with leading EPC firms, general contractors, owners, and consulting firms. In these positions, he provided dispute resolution, management consulting, risk management, contract administration, scheduling, construction and project management, training, cost engineering, project estimating and claims negotiations to both internal and external clients.


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