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Learn best practices for identification, measurement and recovery of lost productivity claims.

This webinar discusses what makes a good lost-productivity claim, its strengths and weaknesses, and how to respond will help you prepare, manage, analyze and negotiate them.

Participants in this webinar will learn the latest technical and legal concepts associated with loss of productivity including best ways to measure productivity including guidelines, tools and methods, assertions of lost productivity claims, recent court developments, documentation and much more.


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2-part series discusses certified payroll issues and prevailing wage compliance along with the Davis-Bacon act.

The first program focuses on Federal WH-347 reporting requirements, which then can be translated to state-specific prevailing wage mandates. Certified payroll expert Nancy Smyth will explain the important details you need to know to comply with certified payroll requirements on your government-funded construction project.

The second part of the series discusses the information you need to understand the specific requirements of the Davis-Bacon Act, when it applies, and the process necessary to ensure compliance and avoid enforcement actions and potential penalties.


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In the past two decades, settlement of disputes has come a long way from litigation and arbitration.

This session discusses over 40 alternate methods for resolving disputes when they cannot be negotiated by the parties. The intent of these methods is to promote a decrease in expensive litigation or arbitration costs through the increased use of mediation, partnering, dispute resolution boards and other methods.


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In most instances, plans and specifications are, without question, critical to the success of any construction project. When the plans and specifications are clear and without significant errors or omissions, the project is much more likely to be on time and within budget. But, what happens when plans are riddled with errors, conflicts or omissions? This webinar will provide you with valuable tips for addressing your obligations, rights and remedies when confronted with poorly drafted, ambiguous or conflicting plans and specifications on both public and private construction projects. Knowing what options are available and what you can or should do to mitigate damages, address the problem and pursue or protect the parties’ rights will assist you when you inevitably encounter bad plans.

This presentation will discuss the role of parties to traditional design-bid-build projects and when obligations arise in the bid process due to faulty plans and specifications, who is at risk during construction, and theories and tips for recovery after construction. You will be more prepared to identify those situations where bad plans and specs might arise, and understand what the parties’ various options, rights and remedies might be.

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