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Shop drawings are an integral part of the construction process and present unique legal challenges. Design professionals are generally responsible for plans and specifications, while contractors are responsible for the means and methods they employ to construct a project.

Construction details are often produced by contractors and their subcontractors, however, and reviewed by the design professional before being utilized. In this manner, constructors and subcontractors may venture into the design process and subject themselves to its attendant risks and liabilities.

In this informative 90-minute webinar program, Stephen A. Hess of Sherman & Howard LLC will present an overview of the rights and responsibilities of the parties with respect to the use of shop drawings.


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As the use of the GMP contract formats has proliferated, so have disputes.

The nature of many of these disputes strongly suggests that the parties using them do not fully understand (a) the differences between GMP contracts and the contracts that the users are accustomed to working under or (b) the risks that are inherent to this delivery system.

Topics will include an in-depth description and analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of this contracting format, the four phases of work that are typical when working under a GMP format, the components of a GMP, and why it is so important to fully understand how each is defined and the conditions that apply to the payment of each component.


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Records and documentation play one of the most significant roles in the successful settlement of contract claims.

Join Robert Freas and Wesley Grover as they review the various records and documents that should be kept for both improved project performance and improved change order management and claims resolution.

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