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5-Part Online Training Series
January 27 -- March 24, 2021
9 Expert Instructors 


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Construction delays are costly, and often sneak up on the project stakeholders. Frequently, there are multiple causes – weather, production shortfalls, owner-directed changes, coordination of trades, procurement problems and more recently, the COVID-19. Avoidable or not, delays often result in lost productivity, increased overhead and direct costs, acceleration costs and liquidated damages. This course explains how to document, support and analyze delay and lost productivity claims.


Construction Owners, A/Es, Contractors, Construction Managers, Contract Administrators and Owner Representatives should attend this information-packed training program to help them perform their jobs better. 


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2-part series discusses certified payroll issues and prevailing wage compliance along with the Davis-Bacon act.  Click here to register now!

The first program focuses on Federal WH-347 reporting requirements, which then can be translated to state-specific prevailing wage mandates. Certified payroll expert Nancy Smyth will explain the important details you need to know to comply with certified payroll requirements on your government-funded construction project. 

The second part of the series discusses the information you need to understand the specific requirements of the Davis-Bacon Act, when it applies, and the process necessary to ensure compliance and avoid enforcement actions and potential penalties.

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