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9-Part Online Training Series
October 2020 -- March, 2021
14 Expert Instructors 


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Successful construction claims and change-order management is 25% legal, 25% contractual, 25% factual and 25% the personal knowledge and experience of the parties. The Essential Course on Successful Management of Claims and Changes Orders puts you on the path to balancing the many balls required to avoid costly claims and to enjoy successful projects. 


Construction Owners, A/Es, Contractors, Construction Managers, Contract Administrators and Owner Representatives should attend this information-packed training program to help them perform their jobs better. 


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Key Strategies and Plans to Navigate Success in the Post-Pandemic 2020s


The traditional role of the construction general counsel is to review and draft contracts, support project executives in claim situations and provide legal guidance to corporate leadership on various business and industry-related matters. In recent years, the role of the general counsel has evolved as new risks and legal requirements have emerged such as theCOVID-19 pandemic, as well as opportunities to get more efficient with new technologies. Gain insights from a unique panel of general counsels from five ENR top-100 firms selected by WPL Publishing and moderated by AGC’s Brian Perlberg.

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