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3-Part Series on COVID-19 Time Extensions, Lost Productivity and Extra Costs

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3-part Online Training Program!  (Save 50% - Regular price $246 each.  Total $349 for all 3!)

  • Hot v. Cold Suspension: The Test for Compensable Time Extension; Plus Allowable Costs and Coronavirus Considerations
  • Pricing COVID-19 Lost Productivity Claims
  • Potential Impacts of COVID-19 on Construction Performance, Labor Productivity and Project Schedule

Expert Presenters:
Dr. David Halligan, Ankura Consulting
Don Harrington, Sage Consulting
Dr. Bill Ibbs, The Ibbs Consulting Group
Douglas Patin, Bradley Arant Bolt Cummings LLP
William Schwartzkopf, Sage Consulting
Paul Stynchcomb, The Ibbs Consulting Group
Jim Zack, James Zack Consulting
Includes Exclusive Suspension Cost Spreadsheet/Checklist

 In addition to handouts and reference
 material, attendees will be provided an
 Excel worksheet developed by WPL in
 collaboration with a certified cost consultant
 for use in tracking and computing
 suspension costs related to the Coronavirus.
The presence of COVID-19 is having a big impact on the construction industry.  The two primary impacts on construction projects from COVID-19 are suspension and lost productivity.  For projects that are suspended or slowed, there is the potential that idled workers will not return to their projects.  For onboarding projects, there may be issues with crew continuity, material delays and construction means-and-methods – particularly related to social distancing, safety and personal projection equipment (PPE).  The results are possible critical path delay, loss of labor productivity and financial damages.
This three-part online training program touches on these issues and includes discussions of the latest COVID-19 advisories issued by the US Government that may require action on the part of construction managers and contractors in order to preserve rights and obtain relief as to project schedules.  In most cases, contract terms and conditions will continue to be enforced, and as such, contractors need to be aware of notice deadlines, the content of notices and ways to measure schedule and labor productivity impacts.
Series Objectives:
  • Examine why owners must have a suspension of work clause in their contracts and how these clauses work
  • Learn the difference between “cold standby” and “hot standby
  • Understand how suspension of work clauses work and why they are needed
  • Explore what damages are recoverable under typical suspension clauses
  • Learn what actions contractors should take to protect their right to collect damages due to an owner-issued suspension of work
  • Identify the various categories of lost productivity identified as unique to the coronavirus
  • Review of productivity measurement techniques most often used to quantify lost productivity
  • Become familiar with what records you need to keep
  • Examine best strategies to deal with contracts currently or soon-to-be bid, negoatiated, awarded or awaiting notice to proceed
  • Discover valuable insights into the realm of lost productivity identification, measurement and cost calculations
  • Understand the various categories of lost productivity identified as unique to the Coronavirus
  • Consider the three-pronged approach for recovery (forward pricing, actual costs and lost productivity calculations
  • And much, much more!
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