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Schedule Delay Analysis — Observational Methods — Static & Dynamic Logic

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Schedule Delay Analysis —

Observational Methods — Static & Dynamic Logic


Like engineering, CPM scheduling is both an art and a science. CPM scheduling delay analysis techniques allow the analyst to distinguish critical delays from non-critical delays and calculate their impact on the project duration, identify concurrent delays that did or would have delayed the project completion and differentiate between concurrent and pacing delay. When choosing a method there are a number of technical, practical and legal considerations that a delay analyst makes.


This presentation focuses on those methodologies referred to in the industry as "observational" methods. It will explore the performance of a credible delay analysis and identify many of the strengths and pitfalls of these methodologies.


This recorded webinar program will help you:


  • Understand and distinguish between the forensic schedule analysis observational methodologies
  • Become familiar with the use of the observational methodologies, such as the As-Planned vs. As-Built, and the Contemporaneous Period Analysis (often called "windows")
  • Discover the various enhancements to the As-Planned vs. As-Built that will improve an analysis beyond a "total time" analysis
  • Learn about the different types of Contemporaneous Period Analyses, and understand the difference between losses (or gains) due to progress and those due to changes to the schedule
  • Identify the strengths and pitfalls of the observational methodologies

Presented by Emily Federico, Associate Director, and Patrick Kelly, Navigant Consulting’s Global Construction Practice

Very informative.

Anonymous Participant

The speaker was well versed in what works and what doesn't work for forensic scheduling, something that you learn by hands-on experience. I appreciate listening to a lessons-learned talk.

Anonymous Participant

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