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Identification and Notification - Keys to Success

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Identification and Notification of Claims:
Overcoming the First Obstacles to Successful Recovery

Changes are an inherent part of any construction project. Owner-directed changes are the most frequently encountered, with minor changes easily negotiated and incorporated into the project. There are many other changes encountered on a project that are less obvious, but can impact the cost and time of performance. The most successful contractors and owners are those that are adept at managing the claims and change order process, and most importantly, have a firm understanding of the Identification and Notification process.


Joe McManus discusses the "hows and whys" of identifying claims and notifying the owner of all potential problems. This is one of the most important aspects of contract administration, as proper notification is paramount to avoid losing one's right to submit a claim as well as to establish the foundation for ultimate proof and recovery.


Listen to find out:

  • What is a claim and the important elements each claim must have
  • Why the Changes clause, the foundation of most change orders, is not always the road to recovery
  • How to develop a non-adversarial approach to identification and notification of potential claims
  • Learn the prerequistes to identification: contract knowledge and construction law familiarity
  • Notice provisions, late notice — how to deal with conflicting contract provision and notice shortcomings
  • And much, much more!
 Who Will Benefit?

This recorded webinar is a must if you're a architect, owner, contractor, subcontractor, design professional, engineer  or attorney. Listen to learn do's and don'ts of managing change orders and claims and gain process knowledge to steer your procject to success!

This event features key insights from our knowledgeable construction expert:

Joe McManus advises clients on construction and commercial issues and disputes. He gained this exper ience as a construction and public-contracts lawyer since 1972, as a lawyer in the US Air Force JAG corps, as general counsel to Clark Enterprises, Inc. (parent of Clark Construction), and as a member of his own firm. He has represented many public owners, including MWAA, the DC Council, the government of Barbados, and the government of Greece. Mr. McManus frequently serves as arbitrator on local, national, and international cases. He is a member of the Large Complex Case Panel of Arbitrators and a mediator (American Arbitration Association). He has appeared as an expert witness in cases involving construction documents, specifically AIA documents, in the United States and in the Caribbean. Mr. McManus is a past President of the American College of Construction Lawyers.

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