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Your Complete Guide to COVID-19 Construction Contracts: 6-part Recorded Program Covering Productivity, Suspension of Work, Insurance, and Contracts

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Your Complete Guide to COVID-19 Construction Contracts: 

6-part Recorded Program Covering

Productivity, Suspension of Work, Insurance and Contracts


This 6-part webinar collection reviews COVID-19-related lost productivity claims and construction performance, including labor productivity and project schedules, as well as the legal issues addressing disruption and suspension of work on both public or private construction contracts.

Special Major Savings!  We have put together our 6 exclusive Coronavirus/COVID-19 recorded webinars presented by leading construction industry attorneys and experts on suspensions, delays, time extensions and lost productivity into a single package saving you 60% of the cost to purchase them individually.  Includes special reference material as well as Excel spreadsheets to help identify, document and price out suspension and disruption costs resulting from the epidemic. Regularly $246 each ($1,476 total for the six events) is yours for just $599, not much more than the cost of purchasing just two events.)

What's Included: 


1. Coronavirus Impact on Private Contracts - AIA, ConsensusDocs and DBIA

While we hope the pandemic dies down quickly, the industry is drifting into the choppy seas of force majeure situations. There are multiple questions on everyone's mind, both for contracts underway as well as contracts not yet awarded or signed. In any force majeure situation, there are numerous possible effects on a project, as well as resulting time and cost impacts.


2. Coronavirus Impact on Public Construction Contracts; Government Procurement Policies

  • Learn who's going to pay your employees
  • Determine when/how do give notice of delay. What should it say?
  • Consider if you should show delay on the critical path. If submitting monthly CPM updates, how should Covad-19 be shown in the schedule?
  • Understand how to account for actual or potential productivity slowdowns in the schedule
  • Be prepared to deal with contracts currently or soon-to-be bid, negotiated, awarded or awaiting notice to proceed


3. Hot v. Cold Suspension: The Test for Compensable Time Extension; Plus Allowable Costs and Coronavirus Considerations

This on-demand webinar examines why owners must have a suspension of work clause in their contracts and how these clauses work. It identifies what damages are typically owed when an owner stops all or part of the work and outlines some typical limitations of suspension damages found in many contracts. 


4. Pricing COVID-19 Lost Productivity Claims

This recorded webinar will focus on the impact costs primarily related to increased job costs due to labor and lost productivity issues. Using a workshop approach, this webinar will provide a practical tutorial where attendees are provided specific steps and tasks needed to assemble a comprehensive and reasonable cost proposal, including sample tables and calculations. An Excel spreadsheet will be provided for listener use in developing their own cost models. Owners and construction managers will learn more about the COVID-19 implications and will be in a better position to understand and negotiate any claims for lost productivity costs.


5. Potential Impacts of COVID-19 on Construction Performance, Labor Productivity and Project Schedules

This program will touch on key issues like partial project shutdowns, social distancing, employee absenteeism, employee turnover, personal protection equipment and safety measures, and include discussions of the latest COVID-19 advisories issued by the U.S. Government that may require action on the part of construction managers and contractors in order to preserve rights and obtain relief as to project schedules.  In most cases, contract terms and conditions will continue to be enforced, and as such, contractors need to be aware of notice deadlines, the content of notices and ways to measure schedule and labor productivity impacts.


6. Construction Insurance in the COVID-19 Era: What Losses Are Covered? Workman's Comp Issues and Future Coverage Challenges

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a generational upheaval in virtually all aspects of business, including the construction business. That upheaval includes confusion and uncertainty in the construction insurance arena. Do insurance policies cover losses from shutdown orders and delays in projects? Does moving to a work-at-home environment impact workers’ compensation exposures? And will the pandemic impact the ability to obtain the same scope of coverage to which the construction industry has been accustomed to in the past?


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Now, more than ever, you need to be in command of construction claims and change orders, increase your recovery for delays and impacts and improve your project outcomes. Get prepared for the increasing claims that are inevitable as a result of COVID-19.
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