Article Date: 07/18/2014

Green Building Services Principal Offers Advice for Achieving LEED v4 Commissioning Objectives

By Steve Rizer


With Version 4 of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED v4) rating system, “there are more requirements for commissioning the electrical distribution system and plumbing systems; make sure they are understood and scoped properly.” This was one of the key pieces of advice that, during a recent interview with ConstructionPro Week, Green Building Services Inc. Principal Richard Manning offered for those professionals striving to achieve commissioning objectives via LEED v4. LEED v4 commissioning is a hot topic, as projects only will be able to be registered under LEED v2009 until next June.


During a recent WPL Publishing webinar, entitled “Commissioning LEED Projects: Process and Keys to Success,” GBS Senior Commissioning Consultant Mitchell Chvilicek discussed the language encompassing electrical and plumbing scopes in Energy and Atmosphere Prerequisite 1 (EAp1) of LEED v4. Within the “LEED Version 4: What’s New with Cx?” segment of his presentation, regarding plumbing systems, he reported that EAp1 has gone beyond covering domestic hot water systems to address “any associated plumbing pumps and controls.” For EAp1 points via LEED v4, commissioning process activities for mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and renewable energy systems and assemblies must be completed in accordance with American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Guideline 0-2005 and ASHRAE Guideline 1.1-2007 for HVAC&R systems as they relate to energy, water, indoor environmental quality, and durability.


During the interview, Manning also urged professionals to “understand the various options and paths under the Enhanced Commissioning credit and select the method that works best for your project’s goals and budget.” Enhanced commissioning is covered in Energy and Atmosphere Credit 1 of LEED v4.


Also in the webinar, Chvilicek discussed the benefits of commissioning a building; the role and impact of commissioning on the LEED certification process; the roles and responsibilities of key players in the design, construction, and occupancy planning to the commissioning process; and commissioning within an integrated design process. To purchase a recording of the webinar, visit



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