ConstructionPro Week, Volume: Construction Advisor Today - Issue: 69 - 08/19/2010

3D Engineering Solutions Expands Capabilities Across Multiple 3D Laser Scanning/Data Collection Platforms

3D Engineering Solutions has added new long-range 3D scanning services to its arsenal of laser-based portable CMMs, providing new 3D data collection, building information modeling (BIM), and facility-mapping services for their customers.

3D Engineering, a Cincinnati-based engineering services company, expanded its capabilities to broaden its range of metrology services to include the latest Laser Tracker and Long Range 3D Laser Scanning technology for 3D data collection in aerospace, nuclear, automotive, and industrial markets. These new long-range capabilities complement 3D Engineering's seven-axis portable CMM's with Laser Line Probes, 3D data collection, CAD modeling, and reverse engineering services, allowing an integrated approach for meeting customer needs.


With this latest area of support, 3D Engineering Solutions applies its engineering expertise and 3D scanning services to emerging industries and applications such as nuclear facility mapping, wind energy blade and turbine manufacturing, and BIM. The company's engineers use the latest portable scanning/data collection tools for larger-scale work, including the Faro ION Laser Tracker and Faro Photon Long Range Laser Scanner.


"If required, all of 3D Engineering Solutions laser-based data-collection systems are portable and can travel on-site to customers' facilities for data collection," 3DES Project Engineering Manager Rob Glassburn said. "One of the exploding markets for us is 3D laser mapping of buildings and facilities. Many times customer requirements for facility mapping go beyond old school 2D surveying and photogametry, requiring precise 3D CAD modeled measurement data. The ability to tie in the multiple touch-less, 3D laser scanning data collection products is key to accurately capturing and modeling the data needed on-site for our demanding customer applications today and in the future."




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