ConstructionPro Week, Volume: Construction Advisor Today - Issue: 114 - 07/01/2011

U.K. Construction Industry Council Creates Building Information Modelling Forum

The Construction Industry Council (CIC) in the United Kingdom has established a Building Information Modelling (BIM) Forum to implement a strategy paper that the U.K.'s Department for Business, Innovation and Skills published June 22. Chaired by Rob Manning of AECOM , the group will work with other industry bodies to pursue a primary recommendation offered in the “Innovation and Growth Report on Low Carbon Construction.”


A subgroup of the BIM Forum also has been created to consider issues of liability in relation to BIM. This subgroup, headed by David King of HOK, has met twice. The first meeting of the BIM Forum is scheduled for July 7.



“The Building Information Modelling Working Party Strategy Paper has given the CIC an opportunity to influence how the adoption of information modeling will act as an enabler to a more closely integrated way of working through the processes of building design, construction, and operation,” Manning said.

Professional institutions associated with creating and managing the built environment will be able to act together through CIC to provide shared proposals on how the move to the use of information modeling will bring changes to education, sharing of best practice, and research/development. The institutions also will work on how BIM protocols interface with terms of appointment and conditions of contract, and how they will impact the work of institution members in what is expected to become a significant change to working practices in the construction industry.


CIC stated that it is the representative forum for the professional bodies, research organizations, and specialist trade associations in the construction industry. “[We] provide a single voice for professionals in all sectors of the built environment through its collective membership of 500,000 individual professionals and 25,000 firms of construction consultants.”




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