ConstructionPro Week, Volume: Construction Advisor Today - Issue: 105 - 04/28/2011

ComputerEase Cloud Construction Management Software Solution Released

A Cincinnati-based company earlier this week released ComputerEase Cloud, a web-based construction management software solution. The offering permits access to ComputerEase from any computer with an Internet connection and from mobile devices such as tablet PCs and the Apple iPad. In cloud computing, applications are hosted at a secure data center and accessed by an end user via a web browser.


ComputerEase Software Inc. is a provider of construction accounting, project management, and remote field-to-office software. In announcing ComputerEase Cloud, the company cited a study released by International Data Corp. in February indicating that revenue generated in the United States from cloud-related IT services will grow to $29.5 billion by 2014. This growth is being spurred, in large part, by the demand for cloud computing applications in vertical markets such as healthcare, manufacturing, and construction, where increasing efficiencies and lowering costs have been vital to survival, ComputerEase stated.


ComputerEase Cloud features include the following, according to the company:


  • Because ComputerEase Cloud is deployed via the web, there is nothing to install or maintain, and software updates happen automatically. This eliminates the need for in-house hardware infrastructure and IT staff, and gets the system up and running quicker.
  • Instead of purchasing software, ComputerEase Cloud users pay a monthly subscription rate that includes software access, hosting, support, and maintenance. This delivers a predictable monthly expenditure, similar to a telephone bill or lease payment, improving budget management.
  • For construction companies with multiple offices or job sites, ComputerEase Cloud offers full accessibility on various platforms, including Mac computers and mobile phones, for project managers and superintendents who are busy and “on the go.”
  • Hosting is provided in a secure, climate-controlled, SAS70 Type II-certified data center with redundant power systems, advanced fire alarm and VESDA systems, continuous network monitoring, and daily backups.




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