ConstructionPro Week, Volume: Construction Advisor Today - Issue: 104 - 04/22/2011

Construction Management Group Updates Publication on State CM Laws

The Construction Management Association of America (CMAA) has published a new, updated edition of State by State Review of Licensing Requirements Affecting Construction Managers, a which the group considers a key reference for any organization or individual practicing CM in multiple states.


The State by State Review summarizes the state laws governing the practice of CM with references to relevant statutes. The publication also provides mailing addresses, contact names, and telephone/email information for the government agencies that regulate licensing of architects, engineers, and contractors.



"As of the end of 2010, only one state (Idaho) has a specific license for construction management, as contrasted with the long-standing licensing requirements in most states for architects, engineers, and contractors," according to the publication’s introduction. "Yet, as is evident by looking at the types of contracts they enter, CMs perform many of the same functions as do architects, engineers, and contractors. Thus, it is prudent for a CM to carefully look at state statutory and regulatory requirements to determine whether it needs to have one, two, or all three of these other licenses to properly perform services on a specific project."


The State by State Review was created for CMAA in 1994, and last updated in 1999, by attorney Michael Loulakis. The update was conducted late last year by members of the CMAA Legal Counsel Committee under the leadership of John Heuer, senior vice president/chief legal officer, Carolinas and Military Housing Divisions, Balfour-Beatty Construction.


"Any practitioner or organization with operations in diverse jurisdictions will benefit from having this one-stop reference for all applicable licensing statutes and agency contacts," CMAA President and Chief Executive Officer Bruce D'Agostino said.




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