ConstructionPro Week, Volume: 6 - Issue: 34 - 08/25/2017

Construction Blog Highlights

This week's blog highlights from across the industry look at:


Punch Lists:  How to Improve Their Effectiveness

In a recent issue of ConstructionJunkie, guest author Anastasios Koutsogiannis describes why a punch list is a vital part of a construction project’s contract.  Read this article to learn what a punch list is, how to come up with a good punch list and why it is important to invest time and attention to get them done right. 



Colorado Department of Transportation Unveils Self-driving Vehicle

The Autonomous Impact Protection Vehicle (AIPV) was recently unveiled in Colorado to protect workers from being hit by the traveling public at work zones.  The AIPV self-driving vehicle was designed with military technology that uses a rear-mounted crash cushion to absorb or deflect vehicles that cross into work zones.  The combination of not having a driver in the vehicle and the crash cushion are expected to reduce deaths at jobsites. To learn more about this new technology that is dedicated to advancing construction safety, click here.



Tesla Gigafactory to Produce Batteries

Tesla’s mission is to accelerate sustainable energy through increasingly affordable electric vehicles and energy products.  To achieve its planned production rate of 500,000 cars per year by 2018, it would require the entire worldwide supply of lithium-ion batteries.  Out of necessity, the first Tesla Gigafactory was born in Sparks, Nevada to produce enough batteries to support the demand for Tesla cars.






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