ConstructionPro Week, Volume: 6 - Issue: 4 - 01/27/2017

Construction Blog Highlights

On a regular basis, we highlight content posted on other blogs that we feel would benefit our readers.  This week's blog highlights include:


In This Expansion Construction Market, Why Isn't Your Business Growing

Mark Buckshon last week discussed the topic of growing a construction business, particularly in the current market where construction spending has been rising the past few years.  Reporting on a recent article by Bernie Heer on residential construction, Mark points out that owner should focus on business fundamentals, such as being client-centric and investing in marketing.  Check out Mark's post in the Construction Marketing Ideas blog.


5 Steps for Building a Construction Business Website

Although this blog found at the GoDaddy site is intended to drum up some business for their services, a guest post by Erik Deckers, a content marketing consultant, offers good advice for contractors on setting up a website. Deckers provides tips for those who want to do it themselves, use a consultant or use a service.  Include photos, videos and client testimonials, he advises, and of course, blog about your own projects.  Check the complete post here.


4 Recent Changes to the Construction Industry

It seems at the start of 2017 everyone is talking about growth opportunities, trends and developments to take advantage of this year. James Aiken looks at what relatively new developments are here to stay. James notes that among the largest of changes (and first on this list) is digitalization. It seems BIM is increasing in popularity and becoming a necessity. Click here to read about all four trends to watch out for.




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