ConstructionPro Week, Volume: 5 - Issue: 48 - 12/16/2016

New ConsensusDocs Revisions

The ConsensusDocs Coalition recently announced the first set of new contract documents, part of a major update initiative to reflect ongoing industry trends towards collaboration and new project delivery and financing methods. The trends and developments include lean construction, building information modeling (BIM), sustainable principles in design and construction, new construction techniques and technologies, increased transparency, and recent legal and insurance developments.  


These developments look promising and we look forward to looking at some of the new clauses.  For example, the documents recognize the use of Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) and Public Private Partnerships, and are designed to be able to tailor standard documents to fully address the unique project requirements encountered on Federal Government projects.  A list of the new documents just published as well as forthcoming documents next year is provided below.


As a media partner with AGC and ConsensusDocs, WPL Publishing in able to offer ConstructionPro Week readers a 10% discount on the complete set of 100+ contract documents.  (ConstructionPro Network members receive a 20% discount.  Click here for more details on ConsensusDocs or to order.  


For more information on the update, check out this recent article in ENR.


Just Published:

ConsensusDocs 200 Owner & Constructor Agreement
ConsensusDocs 205 Owner & Constructor Short Form Agreement
ConsensusDocs 240 Owner & Design Professional Agreement
ConsensusDocs 750 Constructor & Subcontractor Agreement
ConsensusDocs 751 Constructor & Subcontractor Short Form Agreement

Coming in early 2017:

ConsensusDocs 235 Owner & Constructor Short Form Agreement (Cost of Work)
ConsensusDocs 245 Owner & Design Professional Short Form Agreement
ConsensusDocs 410 Owner & Design-Builder Agreement (Cost of Work Plus Fee with GMP)
ConsensusDocs 415 Owner & Design-Builder Agreement (Lump Sum)
ConsensusDocs 420 Design-Builder & Design Professional Agreement
ConsensusDocs 450 Design-Builder & Subcontractor Agreement
ConsensusDocs 460 Design-Builder & Subcontract Agreement (Cost Plus with GMP)
ConsensusDocs 500 Owner & Construction Manager Agreement (GMP with Preconstruction Services Option)




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