ConstructionPro Week, Volume: 5 - Issue: 44 - 11/11/2016

Construction Blog Highlights

On a regular basis, we highlight content posted on other blogs that we feel would benefit our readers.  This week's blog highlights include:


Steel Back Your Specification

On a subject many of us may not be tuned into, Michael Kerner at the Let's Fix Construction blog walks us through the importance of specifying, purchasing and installing the proper cold-formed steel framing members, including metal studs and structural framing.  Conforming to standards is mission number one but conforming to the specification is also critical. Using a thinner metal than required could result in a structural failure. Furthermore, a stud may meet a building code standard and the minimum depth specified by the architect, but fails to meet the requirements of a fire-rated assembly. Check out the full post here to understand the issues in the metal stud example and what you can do to research the specific situations on your project.


Prefabrication in Healthcare Construction
J.E. Dunn shaved 3 months off the construction schedule as well as 20,481 man-hours to realize a $2 million savings by applying prefabrication on the Dell Seton Medical Center at the University of Texas in Austin.  A tight working space and tight labor market provided some of the incentive; and the shorter on-site duration with reduced safety risks proved to be a major side benefit.  The elements that were found to benefit by prefabrication included exterior skin panels and parapets, bathroom pods, headwalls and footwalls. The contractor used an empty warehouse seven miles from the jobsite to set up the fabrication facility, trucking in the finished units as needed.  To learn more about how it was done and lessons learned, visit the generously shared case study here.


Construction Career Days

Skilled labor shortages has been the subject of several stories both here and in the trade press over the past year.  Last week, the Association of Construction Career Development (ACCD) held a Construction Career Days event in Phoenix, AZ that attracted more than 2,400 high-schoolers, some of whom traveled up to 300 miles to attend.  This is a good sign and the construction community should endeavor to do more of these type events around the country.  While it appears that ACCD may be unique to Arizona, the concept should be easily replicated.  Visit for more information.




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