ConstructionPro Week, Volume: 5 - Issue: 30 - 08/05/2016

Drone News: FAA 333 Exemptions To-Date: Statistics Update, New Info on Part 107

As reported here in June, the FAA has issued its Part 107 rules for commercial use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) or drones. Instruction for obtaining a Part 107 pilot license are now posted at the FAA website here.  The first step to qualify to apply for the license is taking an initial aeronautical knowledge exam at an FAA-approved knowledge testing center, typically located near an airport.  Next is completing an online application -- Form 8710-13 for a remote pilot certificate (FAA Airman Certificate and/or Rating Application).


Meanwhile, Section 333 exemptions will remain valid until they individually expire.  Section 333 exemptions are the current vehicle to legally operate a drone for commercial purposes, such as taking aerial photos of job sites. ConstructionPro Network has been tracking the progress of the FAA 333 exemptions since December 2014.


FAA 333 exemptions for commercial use of drones has reached 5,309 as of July 19, the last update posted on the FAA exemptions granted web page.  This is an increase of 228 from June 8. Here's the current breakdown of FAA333 exemptions by keyword as of June 8, 2016:

Inspection - 2,164

Survey - 1,777

Construction - 965

Mapping - 758

Data collection - 683

Engineering - 328

Aerial photography - 3,779


To learn more about construction industry use of drones, download our free Drones in Construction — 2015 Survey Report.




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