ConstructionPro Week, Volume: 5 - Issue: 30 - 08/05/2016

Drones in Construction Directory

If you haven't yet checked it out but have an interest in getting some aerial photos or videos of your construction project, visit the Drone Services and Equipment Directory at the ConstructionPro Network website today. 


The directory is intended to assist those looking for vendors who specifically work with construction, transportation, utility, real estate and related industries. Customers can quickly find FAA333 exemption holders serving their states. Customers may further narrow their search for specific services, such as surveying, mapping (LIDAR, photogrammetry), FLIR/infrared capability, data collection for BIM, environmental monitoring, and, of course, aerial photography.  Vendors with Part 107 remote pilot certifications will be added to the directory once the FAA starts implementation of the program, expected the end of August.


Future listings will include insurance, drone equipment, consulting and training providers as well.  As the industry evolves and new capabilities are developed, particularly payload-carrying drones, the Drone Directory is expected to be front and center in helping our readers find what they are looking for.  In addition to Services Offered, Locations Served and Certifications, readers may search by Industry type and even by Type of Drone.  Click here to access the Drone Directory now.




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